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波多黎各Camp Mabo(马博夏令营)的农业生物技术实验室项目(Agriculture Biotechnology Laboratory Program)

Edie Klein Award for Program Excellence 2013
2013年度艾迪 克雷恩(Edie Klein)奖:优秀营地设计

Camp Mabo/Sound of Music

Camp Mabo(马博夏令营) / Sound of Music(音乐之声)

Agriculture Biotechnology Laboratory Program
农业生物技术实验室项目(Agriculture Biotechnology Laboratory Program)

The Agriculture Biotechnology Laboratory is a green roof project located on the roof of the camp’s cafeteria. It has been designed as a nationwide replicable resource for STEM Education for K-12 institutions. Everything in this lab is based on soilless technologies: soilless substrates, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaculture, and aquaponics.

在营地的自助餐厅的屋顶上有一个绿色屋顶,这里就是农业生物技术实验室(Agriculture Biotechnology Laboratory)。这个项目设计的目的是将其作为小学和中学(K-12 institutions)的科学和数理化(STEM Education, 包含Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)教育的全国样板。这个屋顶实验室的每样东西都是基于无土栽培技术:无土基质(soilless substrates)、水培(hydroponics)、空气栽培(aeroponics)、水产养殖(aquaculture)以及结合了水培和水产养殖的方法叫做水培养殖法(Aquaponics)。

The idea came after a recent University of Puerto Rico study revealed that PR is importing over 85% of its fresh foods which travel anywhere from 1,287 miles (5 days travel time) up to 10,627 miles (29 days travel time), not considering the time from harvest, maintaining Puerto Rico’s food security at risk. Also, an additional concern is not whether Puerto Rico has the ability to have access to adequate amounts of food, but if Puerto Rico is having access to nutritional foods since there is a correlation between distance and time of harvest with the loss of nutritional value of fresh foods grown far away and time spent in its transportation.

The lab allows an integration to the school’s summer camps, Camp Mabo/
Sound of Music, in order to enhance knowledge of issues related to Puerto Rico’s
Global Food Security, Climate Change and Childhood Obesity through a nutrition and fitness program at camp. Campers also learn the basic concepts of soilless technologies under a perfect scenario for hands on, real life experiences in a living laboratory.

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