今天,我们要讲讲关于[ the ugly duckling 丑小鸭]、[two wild geese 两只野鹅]的故事。

时间:a storm night 一个风暴之夜,地点:moor and a broken cottage 湖和一栋破房子。



带着问题听故事,第一个问题:the two wild geese 被猎杀了,为什么 the ugly duckling 没有?
第二个问题: 你害怕 storm 吗?

  • Poor thing 可怜的东西!
  • he had no thoughts of marriage 他还从来没有想过结婚这事;
  • all he wanted was 他想要的仅仅只是 permission to lie among the rushes 可以躺在野草中,
  • and drink some of the water on the moor 喝点湖里的水.
  • After he had been on the moor for two days 在他来到湖里两天后,
  • there came two wild geese 来了两只野鹅,
  • or rather goslings 或者应该叫做小鹅,
  • for they had not been out of the egg long 因为他们出壳还没多久,
  • and were very saucy 这俩家伙很俏皮.
  • “Listen friend 听着,朋友,”
  • said one of them to the duckling 他们中的一只对小鸭子说,
  • “you are so ugly 你长得这么丑,
  • that we like you very well 挺招我们喜欢的.
  • Will you go with us 你愿不愿意跟我们一起走,
  • and become a bird of passage 成为我们鹅群中的一员?
  • Not far from here 距离这里不是很远的地方 is another moor 是另外一个湖,
  • in which there are some pretty wild geese 那里有一群漂亮的野鹅,
  • all unmarried 都还没有结婚.
  • It is a chance for you to get a wife 这可是个讨老婆的好机会;
  • you may be lucky , ugly as you are 丑八怪说不定也会走桃花运的哦.”
  • “Pop, pop,啪啪” sounded in the air 空中突然传来两声枪响,
  • and the two wild geese fell dead 那两只野鹅从天上掉下来,死了
  • among the rushes 掉在湖边草丛里,
  • and the water was tinged with blood 水面被血染红了.
  • “Pop, pop,啪啪” echoed far and wide in the distance 远方传来更多的枪声,
  • and whole flocks of wild geese 整群野鹅 rose up from the rushes 都从草丛中飞起来.
  • The sound continued from every direction 枪声从每一个方向传来,一直没停, for the sportsmen surrounded the moor 打猎的人群把整个湖都包围了,
  • and some were even seated on branches of trees 有一些人甚至坐在树干上,
  • overlooking the rushes 俯视着这片草丛.
  • The blue smoke from the guns 从他们的枪筒里冒出的蓝烟 rose like clouds 象云一样升起 over the dark trees 漂浮在黑乎乎的树顶上方,
  • and as it floated away across the water 当烟从水面上方飘走的时候,
  • a number of sporting dogs 很多猎狗 bounded in among the rushes 又冲进了草丛,
  • which bent beneath them wherever they went 它们到哪里,哪里的草都是一片狼藉.
  • How they terrified the poor duckling 他们可吓坏了那只可怜的小鸭!
  • He turned away his head 他弯着头 to hide it under his wing 藏在自己的翅膀下,
  • and at the same moment 就在它刚刚藏好的时候
  • a large terrible dog 一只模样凶恶的大狗 passed quite near him 从他旁边擦身而过.
  • His jaws were open 他的嘴张着,
  • his tongue hung from his mouth 舌头从嘴里吐出来,
  • and his eyes glared fearfully 两只狗眼闪着可怕的凶光.
  • He thrust his nose 狗鼻子在地上嗅来嗅去 close to the duckling 就快嗅到小鸭了,
  • showing his sharp teeth 那满嘴尖牙,寒光凛凛,
  • and then 然后,
  • “splash, splash,哗哗” he went into the water 他忽然又下了水 without touching him (竟然)没有碰到他,
  • “Oh ,” sighed the duckling 小鸭长长地吁了口气,
  • “how thankful I am 谢天谢地 for being so ugly 我长得这么丑;
  • even a dog will not bite me 连狗都懒得咬我.”
  • And so he lay quite still 所以他就安安静静地躺在那里,
  • while the shot rattled through the rushes听着枪响在草丛里噗噗作响,
  • and gun after gun 一枪又一枪 was fired over him 子弹纷纷从他头上飞过.
  • It was late in the day before all became quiet 等到一切变得安静之时,天色已晚。
  • but even then 但即使那时候 the poor young thing 这个可怜的小东西 did not dare to move 还是不敢动一丝一毫.
  • He waited quietly 他安静地等着 for several hours 等了几个小时,
  • and then 然后,
  • after looking carefully around him 在小心翼翼地检查了周围之后, hastened away from the moor as fast as he could 飞快地从湖面逃走了
  • He ran over field 他跑过田野 and meadow 和草地 till a storm arose 直到一场风暴降临,
  • and he could hardly struggle against it 风很大,它几乎站立不住.
  • Towards evening 傍晚的时候,
  • he reached 他来到了 a poor little cottage 一个穷人家的小房子旁边 that seemed ready to fall 看上去马上要垮的样子,
  • and only remained standing 这破房子之所以还立在那里
  • because it could not decide on which side to fall first 似乎只是因为它不知道该朝哪一边垮.
  • The storm continued so violent 风暴一直很猛,
  • that the duckling could go no farther 小鸭子再也没法往前走了;
  • he sat down by the cottage 他只好靠着小房子坐了下来,
  • and then 然后
  • he noticed that 他注意到 the door was not quite closed 这破房子的门没有关严 in consequence of one of the hinges 因为有一只合页 having given way 坏掉了.
  • There was therefore a narrow opening near the bottom 因此靠近地面有一个窄窄的开口 large enough for him 大得足够让他 to slip through溜进去,
  • which he did very quietly 他也的确悄悄地这样做了, and got a shelter 找到了一个庇护所 for the night 度过一晚.

《THE UGLY DUCKLING》《丑小鸭》第五集:猎杀 & 风暴

Question 1:
the two wild geese 被猎杀了,为什么 the ugly duckling 没有?.
And my opinion is:
因为 the ugly duckling 躲在草丛中,猎狗没有发现他,那两只野鹅是在天上被打下来的。

Question 2:
你害怕 storm 吗?,

storm 是暴风雨的意思,几乎所有人都害怕 storm。

Question from previous lesson:
为什么 the ugly duckling 走了,离开他的妈妈和兄弟姐妹?

为什么 the wild ducks 不介意丑小鸭和他们一起分享那个湖?


OK. That’s all for this lesson. Bye.