The Velveteen Rabbit

by Margery Williams 作者:玛吉瑞 威廉姆斯

There was once a velveteen rabbit 曾经有一只绒兔(玩具), and in the beginning 刚开始的时候 he was really splendid 他真的很漂亮. He was fat and bunchy 他胖乎乎圆鼓鼓的, as a rabbit should be 正是一只兔子应该有的样子; his coat 他的外衣 was spotted brown and white 由白色和棕色的斑点组成, he had real thread whiskers 他有真正的胡须, and his ears were lined with pink sateen 他的耳朵内侧是粉红色的缎子缝制的.

On Christmas morning 圣诞节早晨, when he sat wedged 当他被塞在 in the top of the Boy’s stocking 男孩的礼物长袜口上的时候, with a sprig of holly between his paws 他的前爪还抓着一根冬青小树枝, the effect was charming 效果很棒.

There were other things 还有其他东西 in the stocking 在长袜里, nuts 有核桃 and oranges 有橘子 and a toy engine 一个玩具引擎, and chocolate almonds 巧克力杏仁 and a clockwork mouse 还有一个带发条跑动的玩具老鼠, but the Rabbit was quite the best of all 但是这只兔子肯定是最好的礼物.

For at least two hours 至少有两个小时 the Boy loved him 这个男孩子非常喜欢他, and then Aunts and Uncles 然后姑姑和姑父 came to dinner 来吃晚餐, and there was a great rustling 只听到一阵又一阵的沙沙声, of tissue paper 那是(撕碎)包装纸 and unwrapping of parcels 还有打开包裹(的声音), and in the excitement of looking at all the new presents 看着所有这些新礼物,男孩非常激动, the Velveteen Rabbit 这只绒兔 was forgotten 就被遗忘了.

For a long time 在很长一段时间里,he lived in the toy cupboard 他一直住在一个玩具柜里,or on the nursery floor要么就在儿童房的地板上, and no one 没有人 thought very much about him 想起他多少. He was naturally shy 他天生胆小, and being only made of velveteen 而且只是绒布做的, some of the more expensive toys 有些更贵的玩具 quite snubbed him 经常会斥责他. The mechanical toys 那些机械玩具 were very superior 都很高傲, and looked down upon 瞧不起 every one else 其他所有人; they were full of 他们满肚子都是 modern ideas 现代主张, and pretended 并且装作 they were real 他们是真的.

The model boat 那个模型船, who had lived through 已经活过了 two seasons 两个季节 and lost 失去了 most of his paint 大部分油漆, caught the tone from them 和他们一样高调 and never missed an opportunity 从来没有浪费一个机会 of referring to his rigging 去卖弄他的知识 in technical terms 在技术术语方面.

The Rabbit 兔子 could not 不能 claim 声称 to be a model of anything 是任何东西的模型, for he didn’t know 因为他不知道 that real rabbits 真正的兔子 existed 存在; he thought 他想 they were all stuffed 他们应该都是在肚子里塞满了 with sawdust 锯屑 like himself 就和他自己一样, and he understood 他明白 that sawdust 锯屑 was quite out-of-date 是一种很落后的材料 and should never 永远不应该 be mentioned 被提起 in modern circles 在现代社会.

Even Timothy 即使是蒂姆, the jointed wooden lion 那只一节节拼成的木头狮子, who was made 被制作出来 by the disabled soldiers 由那些残疾士兵们, and should have had 应该有 broader views 更广阔的视野, put on airs 他举起手臂 and pretended 假装 he was connected with Government 他和政府有联系.

Between them all 在他们所有人之间 the poor little Rabbit 可怜的小兔子 was made 被制作出来的方式 to feel himself 让他觉得自己 very insignificant 很渺小 and commonplace 和普通, and the only person 唯一一个人 who was kind to him at all 对他友善的 was the Skin Horse 是那只皮马.

The Skin Horse 皮马 had lived longer 生活得更久 in the nursery 在儿童房 than any of the others 比任何其他玩具. He was so old 他如此陈旧 that his brown coat 以至于他的棕色外皮 was bald 秃毛了 in patches 一块一块地 and showed the seams 露出了缝线 underneath (毛)下面, and most of the hairs 大多数毛 in his tail 在他尾巴上的 had been pulled out 都被拔掉了 to string bead necklaces 用来串珠子项链. He was wise 他很聪明, for he had seen 因为他见过 a long succession of 一个又一个 mechanical toys 机械玩具 arrive to boast 到来,吹牛 and swagger 和炫耀, and by-and-by break their mainsprings 慢慢地他们的发条坏了 and pass away 然后去世, and he knew 他知道 that they were only toys 他们都只是玩具, and would never 永远不会 turn into 变成 anything else 任何其他东西. For nursery 对儿童房来说,magic is very strange 魔法很奇怪 and wonderful 又很精彩, and only those playthings 只有那些玩具 that are old 老旧 and wise 又聪明 and experienced 还有经验的 like the Skin Horse 比如皮马 understand 理解 all about it 全部.

“What is REAL 什么是真实?” asked the Rabbit 兔子问道 one day 有一天, when they were lying 当他们躺下 side by side 互相靠着near the nursery fender 靠近儿童房的挡板, before Nana came 在娜娜来 to tidy the room 整理房间之前. “Does it mean 这是不是意味着 having things 有东西 that buzz inside you 在你脑子里嗡嗡响and a stick-out handle 还有一个伸出来的把手?”

“Real 真实 isn’t how you are made, 并不是指你是什么材料做的” said the Skin Horse 皮马说. “It’s a thing 它是这样一种东西 that happens to you 发生在你身上的. When a child 当一个孩子 loves you 爱你 for a long, long time 很长很长时间, not just to play with 不只是和你玩, but REALLY loves you 而是真的爱你, then you become Real 那时候你就成了真的.”

“Does it hurt 会不会疼?” asked the Rabbit 兔子问道.

“Sometimes 有时候会,” said the Skin Horse 皮马说, for he was always truthful 他总是很诚实. “When you are Real 当你变成真的,you don’t mind 你不会介意 being hurt 疼.”

“Does it happen 这种事情发生 all at once 是一次完成的, like being wound up 就像结束某个阶段,” he asked 他问道, “or bit by bit 还是一点一点来?”

“It doesn’t happen all at once 它不会一次性发生,” said the Skin Horse 皮马说. “You become 你会慢慢变. It takes 它要花 a long time 很长时间. That’s why 这就是为什么 it doesn’t often happen 它不会经常发生 to people 在某些人身上 who break easily 那些容易打碎的, or have sharp edges 或者有尖角的, or who have to be carefully kept 或者是需要认真保管的. Generally 一般来说, by the time 到那个时候 you are Real 你成了真的, most of your hair 大多数你的头发 has been loved off 已经掉光了 and your eyes 你的眼睛 drop out 掉出来and you get loose in the joints 你的关节变得松动 and very shabby 破旧不堪. But these things 但是这些东西 don’t matter at all 一点都不重要, because 因为 once you are Real 一旦你成了真的 you can’t be ugly 你就不可能丑陋, except to people 除非对某些人 who don’t understand 那些不理解它的.”

“I suppose 我猜想you are Real 你是真的?” said the Rabbit 兔子说. And then 接着 he wished 他又后悔 he had not said it 自己没有说刚才那句话, for he thought 因为他想 the Skin Horse 皮马 might be sensitive 可能会比较敏感. But the Skin Horse 但是皮马 only smiled 只是笑了笑.

“The Boy’s Uncle 男孩的叔叔 made me Real 让我变成真的,” he said 他说. “That was 那是 a great many years ago 很多年以前了; but 但是 once you are Real 一旦你成为了真的 you can’t 你不能 become unreal again 又变为假的. It lasts for always 它会永远持续.”

The Rabbit sighed 兔子叹了口气. He thought 他想 it would be 那将会是 a long time 很长一段时间 before this magic 在这个奇迹 called Real 叫做真的 happened to him 发生在他身上(他想,在这个叫做真的奇迹发生在自己身上之前,估计需要很久很久。). He 他 longed to 渴望 become Real 变成真的, to know 知道 what it felt like 那是什么感觉; and yet 但是 the idea of growing shabby 这个变得破旧不堪的想法 and losing his eyes 以及失去双眼 and whiskers 还有胡须 was rather sad 让人很伤感. He wished 他希望 that he could 他能够 become it 成为真的 without these uncomfortable things 又没有这些令人不舒服的事物 happening to him 发生在他身上.

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