But all the while 但是那个时候 he was longing to dance 他其实也很渴望跳舞, for a funny new tickly feeling 有一种奇怪的新的痒痒的感觉 ran through him 从他身上流过, and he felt 他感觉 he would give anything 他愿意放弃任何东西 in the world 世界上的 to be able to jump about 让他能够跳来跳去 like these rabbits did 就像这些兔子做的一样.

The strange rabbit 那只奇怪的兔子 stopped dancing 停止了跳舞, and came quite close 凑到了他面前. He came so close 他凑得很近 this time 这一次 that his long whiskers 他的长长的胡子 brushed the Velveteen Rabbit’s ear 刷到了绒兔的耳朵, and then he wrinkled his nose suddenly 然后他突然皱起了鼻子 and flattened his ears 放低他的耳朵 and jumped backwards 往后跳开.

“He doesn’t smell right 他闻起来不对!” he exclaimed 他惊呼道. “He isn’t a rabbit at all 这根本不是一只兔子! He isn’t real 他不是真的!”

“I am Real 我是真的!” said the little Rabbit 小兔子说, “I am Real 我是真的! The Boy said so 男孩这么说的!” And he nearly began to cry 他差不多要哭出来了.

Just then 这时候 there was a sound of footsteps 传来了一阵脚步声, and the Boy ran past 男孩跑了过去 near them 从他们身边, and with a stamp of feet 脚一蹬 and a flash of white tails 白尾巴一闪 the two strange rabbits 两只陌生的兔子 disappeared 消失了.

“Come back 回来 and play with me 和我一起玩!” called the little Rabbit 小兔子大喊. “Oh, do came back 请回来! I know I am Real 我知道我是真的!”

But 但是 there was no answer 没有 回答, only the little ants 只有小蚂蚁们 ran to and fro 跑来跑去, and the bracken 蕨丛 swayed gently 轻轻地摇着 where the two strangers had passed 在两个陌生者经过的地方. The Velveteen Rabbit was all alone 绒兔现在独自一人.

“Oh, dear 老天!” he thought 他想. “Why did they 为什么他们 run away 跑开 like that 象那样? Why couldn’t they 为什么他们不能 stop 停下来 and talk to me 和我说话?” For a long time 很长时间内 he lay 他躺着 very still 非常安静, watching the bracken 观察着蕨丛, and hoping 希望 that they would 他们会 come back 回来. But 但是 they never returned 他们再没有回来, and presently 很快 the sun sank lower 太阳落下去了 and the little white moths 一些小小的白飞蛾 fluttered out 扑闪着出来了, and the Boy came 男孩过来 and carried him home 把他带回了家.

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