And so the little Rabbit 所以小兔子 was put into a sack 就被装入一个袋子 with the old picture-books 连同那些旧的绘本 and a lot of rubbish 和很多垃圾, and carried out 被背到了 to the end of the garden 花园的尽头 behind the fowl-house 那间猎鸟房子后面. That was a fine place 那是个不错的地方 to make a bonfire 来生起篝火, only the gardener 只是园丁 was too busy 太忙了 just then 那时候 to attend to it 没时间管这事 He had the potatoes to dig 他要挖土豆 and the green peas to gather 要收青豆, but next morning 但是第二天早上 he promised 他承诺 to come quite early 清早过来 and burn the whole lot 把它们全部烧掉.

That night 那天晚上 the Boy slept in 男孩睡在 a different bedroom 另外一间卧室, and he had a new bunny 他有了一只新的兔子 to sleep with him 陪他睡觉. It was a splendid bunny 这是一只很漂亮的兔子, all white 周身白色 plush 圆滚滚的 with real glass eyes带着玻璃眼珠, but the Boy 但是男孩 was too excited 太激动了 to care very much about it 没怎么注意它. For to-morrow 因为明天 he was going to the seaside 他要去海边了, and that in itself 这件事本身 was such a wonderful thing 让人着迷 that he could think of nothing else 完全占据了他的心思.

And while the Boy was asleep 当男孩在睡觉, dreaming of the seaside 梦想着海边时, the little Rabbit 小兔子 lay among the old picture-books 躺在一堆旧绘本里, in the corner 在花园角落 behind the fowlhouse 猎鸟屋后, and he felt very lonely 他感觉很孤单. The sack 袋子 had been left untied 没有绑起来, and so by wriggling a bit 通过扭动身躯 he was able to 他可以 get his head through the opening 让头从袋口探出来 and look out 朝外看. He was shivering a little 他有点发抖, for he had always 因为他一直 been used to 习惯了 sleeping in a proper bed 睡在舒适的床上, and by this time 在这个时候 his coat 他的外衣 had worn so thin 已经被磨得如此薄 and threadbare from hugging 因为男孩的拥抱磨损坏 that it was no longer any protection to him 以至于外衣不再是对他的保护了.

Near by 旁边 he could see 他可以看见 the thicket of raspberry canes 覆盆子树丛, growing tall 长得很高 and close like a tropical jungle 很茂密,就像一片热带丛林, in whose shadow 在这块树荫底下 he had played with the Boy 他和男孩一起玩耍过on bygone mornings 在那些逝去的一个个早晨.

He thought of 他想到了 those long sunlit hours 那些长长的阳光明媚的时光 in the garden 在花园里—how happy they were 他们那时候有多快乐—and a great sadness came over him 想到这些他心里充满了悲伤. He seemed to 他好象 see them 看见他们 all pass before him 都从他面前经过, each more beautiful 每一幕都更漂亮 than the other 比另外一幕, the fairy huts 仙子小屋 in the flower-bed 在花坛里, the quiet evenings 那些安静的夜晚 in the wood 在树丛里when he lay in the bracken 当他躺在蕨丛中 and the little ants ran over his paws 还有小蚂蚁从他的爪子中爬过; the wonderful day 美妙的那一天 when he first knew 当他第一次知道 that he was Real 他是真的. He thought of 他想到了 the Skin Horse 皮马, so wise 那么聪明 and gentle 和温和, and all that he had told him 还有他告诉他的所有的话.

Of what use was it 有什么用 to be loved 被爱 and lose one’s beauty 失去一个人的美貌 and become Real 成为真实的 if it all ended like this 如果最终结果是这样(早知道结果是这样,那么被爱、失去漂亮的外表,最后成为真的,又有什么意义)? And a tear 一颗眼泪, a real tear 一颗真的眼泪, trickled down 慢慢流下 his little shabby velvet nose 他那个小小的破旧的绒毛鼻子 and fell to the ground 掉到了地上.

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