And then 接着 a strange thing 一件奇怪的事情 happened 发生了. For where the tear had fallen 就在眼泪滴落的地方 a flower 有一朵花 grew out of the ground 从地上长了出来, a mysterious flower 一朵神秘的花, not at all like 一点都不像 any that grew in the garden 长在花园里的任何其他花朵. It had 它有 slender green leaves 细细的绿叶子 the colour of emeralds 祖母绿的颜色, and in the centre of the leaves 在这些叶子的中央 a blossom like a golden cup 开了一朵如同金色杯子的花. It was so beautiful 它是如此漂亮 that the little Rabbit 以至于小兔子 forgot to cry 忘记了哭, and just lay there 只是躺在那里 watching it 观看着它. And presently 很快 the blossom opened 花开了, and out of it 从花朵中 there stepped a fairy 走出了一位仙子.

She was quite the loveliest fairy 她是一位非常可爱的仙女 in the whole world 在全世界(她是全世界最可爱的仙女). Her dress 她的裙子 was of pearl and dewdrops 是珍珠和露珠做的, and there were flowers 有很多花朵 round her neck 围绕着她的脖子 and in her hair 还有头发里也有, and her face 她的脸颊 was like the most perfect flower of all 就像一朵最美丽的花. And she came close 她靠近 to the little Rabbit 小兔子 and gathered him up 把他捡起来 in her arms 放在胳膊上 and kissed him 吻着他 on his velveteen nose 在他的绒毛鼻子上 that was all damp 现在是湿湿的 from crying 因为哭泣. The lovely fairy 可爱的仙子 brings magic to the story 把魔法带到了故事里。

“Little Rabbit 小兔子,” she said 她说道, “don’t you know 你难道不知道who I am 我是谁吗?”

The Rabbit 兔子 looked up at her 抬起头看着她, and it seemed to him 他觉得好像 that he had seen her face before 他以前见过她的脸, but he couldn’t think 但是他想不起来 where 是在哪里.

“I am the nursery magic Fairy 我是儿童房里的魔法仙女,” she said 她说. “I take care of 我负责照顾 all the playthings 所有的玩具 that the children have loved 孩子们爱过的. When they are old 当他们变得陈旧 and worn out 破损 and the children don’t need them any more 孩子们不再需要他们, then I come 这时候我就来了 and take them away 把他们带走 with me 随着我 and turn them into Real 把他们变成真的.”

“Wasn’t I Real before 我之前不是真的吗?” asked the little Rabbit 小兔子问道.

“You were Real 你是真的 to the Boy 对男孩来说,” the Fairy said 仙女说, “because he loved you 因为他爱你. Now you shall be real to every one 现在你应该变得在任何人眼里都是真的.”

And she held the little Rabbit close 他紧紧地抱着小兔子 in her arms 在她的怀抱里 and flew with him 带着他飞 into the wood 进了树林.

It was light now 现在比较明亮, for the moon had risen 因为月亮升起来了. All the forest 所有的森林 was beautiful 都很美丽, and the fronds of the bracken 蕨叶 shone like frosted silver 就像拉丝的银子. In the open glade 在林间空地 between the tree-trunks 树干之间的 the wild rabbits 野兔子 danced with their shadows 和他们的影子一起跳舞 on the velvet grass 在天鹅绒一般的草地上, but when they saw the Fairy 但是当他们看见仙子时 they all stopped dancing 他们都停止了跳舞 and stood round in a ring 围成一个圈 to stare at her 看着她.

“I’ve brought you 我给你们带来了 a new playfellow 一个新的玩伴,” the Fairy said 仙子说. “You must be very kind to him 你们必须对他非常友好 and teach him 教给他 all he needs to know 所有他需要知道的 in Rabbitland 在兔子地, for he is going to 因为他将 live with you 和你们一起生活 for ever and ever 直到永远!”

And she kissed the little Rabbit again 她再次吻了吻小兔子 and put him down 把他放下 on the grass 在草地上.

“Run and play 跑吧,去玩, little Rabbit 小兔子!” she said 她说道.

But the little Rabbit 但是小兔子 sat quite still 安静地坐着 for a moment 有一会儿 and never moved 没有动. For when he saw 当他看见 all the wild rabbits 所有的野兔 dancing around him 围着他跳舞 he suddenly remembered 他忽然记起来 about his hind legs 他的后腿, and he didn’t want them 他不想他们 to see 看到 that he was made all in one piece 他被做成了一整块. He did not know 他不知道 that when the Fairy 当仙女 kissed him 吻他 that last time 上一次 she had changed him altogether 她已经彻底地改变了他. And he might have sat there 他可能已经坐在那里 a long time 挺长时间了, too shy to move 太害羞,不好意思移动, if just then 这时候 something 有个东西 hadn’t tickled his nose 在挠他的鼻子的痒痒, and before he thought 在他意识到 what he was doing 自己在做什么之前 he lifted his hind toe 他抬起了后腿爪子 to scratch it 去抓它.

And he found 他发现 that he actually 他实际上 had hind legs 有后腿! Instead of dingy velveteen 不再是肮脏的绒布 he had brown fur 他现在长了一身棕色的皮毛, soft and shiny 柔软而带有光泽, his ears twitched by themselves 他的耳朵可以自己转动, and his whiskers 他的胡子 were so long 如此长 that they brushed the grass 以至于刷到了草. He gave one leap 他跳了一下and the joy of using those hind legs 使用那双后腿带来的愉悦 was so great 如此强烈 that he went springing about the turf on them以至于他在草地上跳个不停, jumping sideways 往旁边跳开 and whirling round as the others did 和其他人一样绕着圈, and he grew so excited 他变得如此激动 that when at last 以至于最后 he did stop 他停下来 to look for the Fairy 寻找仙女的时候 she had gone 她已经走了.

He was a Real Rabbit 他是一只真的兔子 at last 终于, at home 在家里with the other rabbits 和其他兔子一起.

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