Autumn passed 秋天过去了 and Winter 冬天走了, and in the Spring 春天来了, when the days grew 当天气变得 warm and sunny 温暖和阳光灿烂, the Boy went out 男孩出去 to play in the wood 在树林里玩 behind the house 在房子后面. And while he was playing 当他在玩耍的时候, two rabbits crept out 两只兔子爬了出来 from the bracken 从蕨草里 and peeped at him 朝他打量. One of them 有一只 was brown all over 周身棕色, but the other 但是另外一只 had strange markings 带有奇怪的标记 under his fur 在他的皮毛下, as though 好像 long ago 很久以前 he had been spotted 他被点了颜色, and the spots still showed through 那些斑点仍然显露出来. And about his little soft nose 对于他的小小的软鼻子 and his round black eyes 还有他的圆圆的黑眼睛there was something familiar 有一些东西感觉很熟悉, so that the Boy 以至于男孩 thought to himself 心想:

“Why 唉, he looks just like 他看上去就像 my old Bunny 我的旧兔子 that was lost 丢了的 when I had scarlet fever 当我得猩红热的时候!”

But he never knew 但是他永远不会知道 that it really was 它真的是 his own Bunny 他自己的兔子, come back 回来 to look at the child 看孩子 who had first helped him 起先帮过他 to be Real 成为真的.

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