How to work together on English class – communication skills


Targeted Customers: college students, young adults, high school students, who are hoping to improve their communication skills

Platform: Dingtallk groups

Teachers: Han Chee / Kam Chan

Assistants: Minnie / Julian Luo

Class 5: typical dingtalk groups, up to 500 students, 

Class 1: up to 100 students, they get more chances practicing debating,

only teachers /assistants are allowed to speak freely in these groups. Most students can only listen, or watching 8 students debating.

Students take turns to debate, day by day. Assistants are responsible to arrange that.

Debate Schedule

There will be two debates each day.

8:00PM – 8:45 PM (Class 5: large group)

9:00PM – 9:45 PM (Class 1: smaller group)

Each debate is divided into three sections, after 10 mins of debating, teachers gives 3 mins of coaching, and assistants will need 2 mins to translate his words;


Class 5: 49 Yuan per month; [max. 50 x 500 x 90%= ¥22,500]

Class 1: 199 Yuan per month; [max. 200 x 100 x 90% = ¥18,000]

We will open more classes when needed.

Profit Split

  • Han Chee gets 5% of the total profit by recruiting and training coaches/teachers.
  • each teachers/coach gets 25% of the profit, (including Han Chee/ Kam Chan / Philip Hyatt) (two coaches in one debate)
  • each assistant gets 15% of it (one bilingual assistant in one debate);
  • inMountains School gets 25% of total profit by handling marketing and administration.
  • 25% + 25% + 15% + 30% + 5% = 100%

Payment Methods

Students pay inMountains School monthly, while inMountains pay teahers and assistants weekly.

Payments are made through PayPal (foreign teachers), and Alipay(assistants).


In each class, the teachers and students should present something that can be shown to others as achivements, marketing materials, such as videos or audio files. 

Assistants or teachers will need to learn how to combine some audio files of the students reading/speaking together, as a log, the assistant should add a message at the beginning of such audio file, like this 

[今天是2020年10月23日,这里是 山水英语课堂高级口语班,内容是在线辩论和沟通技巧,今天有()等几个同学参与了辩论,辩题是(正方:)(反方:)。] 

and the teachers should also add his remarks at the end of the log file, regarding students’ performace in the debate, etc..

[如果你也想参加我们的英文辩论,请在手机上下载钉钉,然后搜索群号 34134516,进去咨询。See you next time.]

Typically four students and one teacher form a team, every day there will be two debates. The teachers join the debate and demonstrate their communication skills.

Questions and Answers

1. Why do we need assistants in the classroom?

  • Because some students may need a translator, or the teachers need a translator,
  • Assistants talk to students after class, and communicate with the school staff,
  • Assistants collect tuition fee from students, make payments to the coaches;
  • Assistants move out students that are rude or offensive, out of the group, or make the debater silent.

2. How to recruit students

  • Upload the logs of students debating in English to TicTok, Bilibili, etc.
  • We offer discount to those who help to spread the messages.
  • We organize different activities, such as online English debating, to get attentions.
  • Cooperate with various organizations to organize English language debating.

3. What if the students are not satisfied

We will need to creat a poll which allows the students to vote anytime they want, so we get feedbacks from them in time, and improve our teaching methods. Wechat and Dingtalk both have this function available.

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