Teaching English in a beautiful country town, Changsha JinJing


Where we are and who we are
My name is Julian Luo, owner of a country inn which is served as summer camp/winter camp when the students are off school. JinJing is 70 mins drive from Changsha City. We are recruiting native English speakers to teach this June and July. Please click here to read more about us.

What would I do everyday and what to teach in summer?

One of the most common classes in our summer camp is like this: You take one or two of the classes of similar ages to the mountains, find a place to sit down in a circle, invite them to talk about one specific topic: friendship, movies, cartoons, computer games, self-controlling abilities, disciplines, etc. The teacher asks the students to vote for the topic of that classes. You just keep ask them questions: why, how, when, who, etc.

And then run back. You do not need to check their English homework, just

How old are the students?

Most of them are Grade 7 to Grade 9, the others are Grade 4 to Grade 6. We also expect Grade 10 to Grade 11. There will be one class in the morning, and one in the afternoon for each class. You will be teaching 4-6 classes everyday. If it is sunny and nice, we will spend more time outside in the mountains and there will be less indoor classes. If it’s rainy or too hot, we stay indoor.

How much is the salary?

$1,500 a month, plus food and a room, train tickets from and to Changsha. We cannot pay for your international air tickets.


Sunday is off. You will work half a day on Saturday.

Have you had foreign English teachers before?

Yes, we did. I am the owner of the country inn and educational camp, speaking fluent English, it makes our foreign teachers staying here easier. Philip Hyatt is one of our teachers from Arkansas. He has been in our town twice, and spent more than a month in JinJing.

How long do I have to work this summer?

Two months for summer: July and August. If you can only work for one month, or even shorter period of time, let’s talk about that, we may be able to arrange.

I have zero experience teaching English, but I am a native English speaker, am I qualified?

Yes, as long as you love kids, and know how to make them talk, and laugh, and forget about their cell phones.

Can I bring my wife/husband?

Yes. We need more than one teachers.



Please come here with a tourist visa. We cannot get you a working visa as you must be a licensed teacher to apply for that.


Pls contact Wechat 18974824900, or just use the comment box below to reach Julian Luo.

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