Help Chinese to improve English writing, and help non-Mandarin speakers to improve Chinese writing, this is how we will do it

Goal & Target market: :

to help people to learn English, and Chinese, especially their writing skills, to help them to make friends, and understand each other, in China and English-speaking countries.

How do we teach:

We have a chatroom, there is a story or news posted each day, we encourage students to walk into this chatroom, and chat with each other, in both English and Chinese to exchange ideas and make friends. We will have teachers to edit their words. So they learn by keep writing/chatting, and reading the editing comments.

How do we make money

Everyone is free to write, but only members who paid a membership fee will have editors/teachers correct their writings. Those with poor English will be set as subscribers, their can only write a few paragraphs each day, to push them to improve their writing skills. Those with good English will be set as contributors.

Membership Fee

100 USD a year?

What to Chat

The authors will post a news post each day, we instruct students to answer questions, ask questions, based on this topic. First it will be only in Chinese, and then in English. We can also discuss other topics.

Each post will be allowed to discuss for three days.

All Pages

Home page

The homepage of the website has three newest posts, they are open for discussion. Other posts will not be open for discussion. Once you click one of the three titles, it will take the students into a chatroom.

Page 1

Page 1 of the chatroom shows a picture, and a question from others related to the topic, such as: “The news below says those homeless people are actually happy, what do you think?”

The student tries to answer this question in Chinese. This question is saved into database attached to the post.

Page 2

The student will be required to ask a question based on the tags and the news, also in Chinese, to make it easier. The question will be saved into the database too.

Page 3

He will translate his own answer into English that was saved.

Page 4

He will translate his own question into English that was saved.

Page 5

He will be shown an answer from others, he can decided whether or not he wants to reply.

Page 6

He will be shown a question not related to this topic, from a question bank, and he will be instructed to answer in English directly.

Page 7

A list of all the answers related to this topic will be shown. He can choose any of them to reply, and read the corrections from the editors.

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中国人在这里学英语写作,外国人在这里学汉语写作。This is a place where you learn Mandarin writing, and help Chinese students to improve their English writing…by chat most of time. Here