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[双语阅读资料] 一位坚强而倔强的湖南妈妈唐慧为女儿伸冤的故事

从混沌走向有序,需要一个过程,在这个过程中,很多人的思维由于转变得太慢,付出了沉痛的代价。比如说,80年代的严打,让很多人由于一些并不太严重的错误,失去了宝贵的生命,其中包括朱德的亲孙子,25岁的朱国华,由于强奸妇女和流氓罪被枪决。Moving from chaos to order requires a process. In this process, many people have paid a heavy price because their mindsets changed too slowly. For example, the crackdown movement in the 1980s made many people lose their precious lives due to some less serious mistakes, including Zhu Guohua, a 25-year-old grandson of Zhu De, one of the founders of the People’s Republic of China, who was shot for rape and hooliganism.

那是1983年,在那之前不太久就是文革,打死人不偿命的事情很常见,That was 1983. Not long before that was the cultural revolution, when it was very common to kill people without paying for their lives.

没想到几年之后,流氓罪都可以让人判死刑,哪怕是名门之后。Unexpectedly, a few years later, the crime of hooliganism can lead to death sentence, even he or she comes from famous families. 

在一个人治而不是法制社会,哪怕是朱德的孙子都不能幸免。In a society ruled by man rather than by law, even Zhu De’s grandson cannot be spared.

徐州铁链女引起世界关注,让一些人想起唐慧案. Xuzhou’s chained woman has attracted worldwide attention, reminded some people of Tang Hui’s case.

这个中国女性的名字,和一个叫做劳教的历史词汇连在一起。The name of this Chinese woman is linked to a historical word called reeducation through labor. 

这两个案子中,两个小女孩被拐卖,时间相隔10来年。In these two cases, both little girls were abducted and trafficked at a time interval of about 10 years. 

虽然她们的悲惨经历完全不同,但都很不幸出生于一个普遍不把拐卖妇女儿童当一回事的年代。Although their tragic experiences are completely different, they are unfortunately born in an era when abduction and trafficking of women and children are generally not taken seriously. 

在徐慧的这个震惊全国的“强迫幼女卖淫案”中,一开始,当地的派出所竟然根本就不立案。In Xu Hui’s “forced young girl prostitution case” that shocked the whole country, at the beginning, the local police station did not file a case at all.


  • 劳教 – 劳动教养 reeducate through labour
  • 上访 appeal to the higher authorities for help
  • 案件 case
  • 拐卖妇女儿童 trafficking in women and children
  • 休闲中心 leisure centre
  • 卖淫 prostitution

这个如今将近50岁的女人,曾经和丈夫以及独生女儿住在湖南省的永州市。The woman, now nearly 50, used to live in Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, with her husband, and their only-daughter. 后来为了保护女儿,他们家搬到了一个没人认识她们的城市。

2006年10月1日,她的10岁的女儿被附近一个发廊的理发师欺骗、强奸,被四人轮奸,被强迫带到休闲中心和酒店卖淫百余次。On October 1, 2006, her 10-year-old daughter was cheated and raped by a barber in a nearby hair salon, later gang raped by four men, and taken to a leisure center and hotels for prostitution for more than 100 times.

将近三个月后,由于一家人和亲戚朋友的努力,小女孩从一个休闲中心被找到,但已经患有严重的创伤后应激精神障碍,和性病。Nearly three months later, thanks to the efforts of her family, relatives and friends, the little girl was found from a leisure center, but she had suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and sexually transmitted diseases.

当地公安机关刚开始拒绝对此立案,没有处罚任何一个犯罪分子,At the beginning, the local police office refused to file a case and did not punish any criminals.

妈妈唐慧以死相威胁,这家派出所才立案,They did it only after the mother Tang Hui threatened them with death.

但是19天过去了,依然允许那家胁迫幼女卖淫的休闲中心灯红酒绿地开业。However, 19 days later, the leisure center that forced the young girl into prostitution was still allowed to open.

后来唐妈妈遭到了这家休闲中心的威胁,但她不仅没有退步,反而坚定了作为妈妈的决心,Later, Mother Tang was threatened by the leisure center, but she not only did not step back, but strengthened her determination as a mother.

不仅仅要求严厉惩罚所有7名相关罪犯,后来还告了纵容犯罪的警察。She not only asked to severely punish all seven criminals, but also sued the police who connived at the crime. 

多次采取极端手段上访伸冤,She has repeatedly resorted to extreme means to petition for redress,

包括在2008年那场罕见的冰天雪地的冬天,跪在检察院的院子里长达十几个小时,including kneeling in the courtyard of the procuratorate for more than ten hours in the rare freezing winter of 2008,

包括去北京,被围追堵截,然后强行从北京开车押回到湖南永州老家,被打得吐血。。。 including going to Beijing, being surrounded, chased and intercepted, and then forcibly driving back from Beijing to her hometown of Yongzhou, Hunan by the police, and being beaten to vomit blood…

2010年,永州零陵公安局因为一种叫做“私下接受采访”的罪,把她关押了37天。In 2010, Yongzhou Lingling Public Security Bureau detained her for 37 days for a crime called “privately being interviewed”.

后来由于这个案件惊动了中央,经过多级法院的反复审理,罪犯基本上都受到了严惩,两人被判死刑,四人被判无期徒刑,一人被判15年。After repeated trials by multi-level courts, the case alerted the central government, the criminals were basically severely punished. Two of them were sentenced to death, four were sentenced to life imprisonment and one was sentenced to 15 years.

没想到最终判决之后几个月,这个妈妈突然被公安押走,因为多次采取静坐和长跪还有拦车等方式上访,以严重扰乱公共秩序为由,被一个叫做劳教委员会的机构,判处一年半劳动教养。Surprisingly, several months after the final trial, the mother was suddenly taken away from home, by the police, and sentenced to receive reeducation through labor for one and half a year, because of seriously disturbing the order of the public, which includes sitting in the front gate or courtyard of higher authorities, kneeling in those places for long hours, and stopping cars of high officials, etc.

经过当年舆论的强大压力和律师团的积极努力,她被释放。这位坚强的妈妈成为了中国法制社会建设过程中的一个里程碑人物,和当年的电影《秋菊打官司》一样,代表了底层百姓寻求正义的强烈愿望。After the strong pressure of public opinion and the active efforts of the lawyer group, she was released. The strong mother has become a milestone in the construction of China’s legal society. Like the film Qiujus Lawsuit, she represents the strong desire of the people at the bottom to seek justice.


[双语阅读资料] – 中国安全吗?看看住在这里的美国人怎么说


by Ingrid Lombardo 本文作者如左

  • Visitors and foreign residents can take steps to increase safety during their stay in China. 游客和外国居民在中国逗留期间可以采取措施增加安全。
  • On July 22, it rained in Beijing for 16 hours. 7月22日,北京连续下了16个小时的雨。
  • Inadequate drainage caused flooding, 由于排水设施不足,导致洪水泛滥,
  • which caused 57,000 people to evacuate their homes. 5.7万人被迫撤离家园。
  • Thirty-seven to 300 people, depending on the report, died due to drowning or building collapse. 据报告,这一场洪水,导致37至300人死于溺水或建筑物倒塌。
  • Commentators blamed China’s infrastructure, saying it was either antiquated or built in a hurry in the race to modernization, for the damage and deaths. 评论员指责,中国的基础设施导致了设施破坏和人员死亡,它们要么陈旧过时,要么在跑步进入现代化的过程中仓促建成。
  • Suddenly, safety was on everybody’s minds. 突然间,人人都开始关注起了安全。

CET Academic Programs—a company that sends roughly 650 study abroad students to China every year—thinks a lot about safety in China. CET学术项目——这是一家每年向中国派遣大约650名留学生的公司,他们因此很关注对中国的安全。

Many of the threats to American students in China are the same threats foreign residents and visitors face. 在华的美国学生面临的许多威胁,与在华外国居民和游客面临的威胁是一样的。

In an effort to provide safety tips for tourists and business people in China, CET surveyed staff members who have lived in China for two or more years, some since the 1980s. 为了给中国的游客和商务人士提供安全提示,CET对在中国生活了两年或两年以上的员工进行了调查,其中一些是从20世纪80年代就开始住在中国的。

Everyone agreed that living in China felt relatively safe. 每个人都认为,在中国生活相对安全。

Most interviewees felt that China was safer than the United States in terms of violent crime, 大多数受访者说,就暴力犯罪而言,中国比美国更安全,

but that living in China posed other risks, particularly in terms of food safety, traffic safety, and petty theft. 但生活在中国会带来其他风险,尤其是在食品安全、交通安全和小偷小摸方面。

While most colleagues reported feeling some threats—mostly minor—to health and well-being, 虽然大多数同事都表示,自己感觉到了一些对自己健康和幸福的很小的威胁,

one respondent indicated she had never had a safety issue in one and a half years living in Beijing. 但其中一名受访者表示,她在北京生活了一年半,从未遇到过安全问题。

[双语阅读资料] 美国医生如何看待针灸




There is a single, irrefutable fact that Western medicine recognizes but virtually ignores when it comes to healing: That is, that the body is nothing more than a ball of energy, with interactive frequencies and amplitudes determining the relative “health” of a human being. Happily, Eastern medicine doesn’t overlook that.


Both Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic tradition make full use of the energetic approach and do so with sustained success. One of the most obvious modalities that has become apparent to Americans and the West in general is acupuncture.


Classic acupuncture is done by a trained practitioner using sterile, extremely light gauge needles to interact with that energy field that is a human being.


Though other modified approaches are seen, using lasers and such, they are barely connected to the acupuncture associated with Traditional Chinese medicine described in The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, a book that dates to 2600 B.C.1


Juiced. 好玩的来了

I was enrapt as a physiology student when I read how nerve transmission works in the human body. What an amazing technique. Ions of sodium (Na+) and potassium (K+) cross the nerve cell membrane, literally lightning-fast, changing the electrical potential of the cell. The nerve cell becomes like a telephone wire, with electrons pulsing through it. A nerve cell impulse is (ta-da!) energy.2


This energy of the body is “on” constantly, just as there is electricity flowing through the wires in your house all the time. In physics that is called “resting potential.” It’s just that it’s not doing anything until you ask it; sorta like if you tell your arm to move or your fingers to type.


(Another very interesting reality is that there is a part of your mind, the subconscious part, that also can direct nerve activity without you being fully aware of it.


Thankfully. That’s how nerve impulses are sent that have to do with nearly every important function of your body, like heartbeat, respiration, metabolism, temperature regulation, immune response and on and on. Even typing is done by that part of the mind to an extent. Mull that over.)


So, how does this relate to acupuncture? Simple. If the body is made of energy (which it is,) and energy in the form of nerve cells regulate or modulate the performance of bodily functions, interacting with those channels of communication would have an effect.


Let’s go back to the “house” analogy. If the wiring in your house is in good shape, there is no problem when you turn on a light switch in the attic. The flow of energy (electricity) is unrestricted and that light comes on. But what if you have a short circuit somewhere in the back bedroom?


The electrical energy becomes blocked by whatever factor is interrupting it. With a short, the electricity stagnates, which is a common term acupuncturists use when describing the flow of chi (Chinese word for the kind of energy we’re dealing with here.)


The acupuncturist’s job is to diagnose the location of that chi stagnation in the body, usually with a combination of pulse diagnosis and visual observation, and then free up that energy flow by using a conductive needle somewhere along that transmission line.


Those “transmission” lines are called meridians by the acupuncturist. Bear in mind, though meridians generally follow nerve pathways, nerves are not meridians.



Doctors learn more about acupuncture each year. 医生们每年都会学习到更多关于针灸的知识。

But still, no one fully understands how acupuncture works. 但是,仍然没有人完全理解针灸是如何工作的。

Does it boost your body’s painkilling ability? 它能提高你身体的止痛能力吗?

Does it affect your blood flow? 它会影响你的血液流动吗?

Can it help your body manage depression to promote further healing? 它能帮助你的身体控制抑郁,促进进一步的康复吗?

Scientists continue to study — and debate — the issues. 科学家们继续研究和辩论这些问题。

But those who practice acupuncture say that’s no reason to stop doing it. 但是那些练习针灸的人说,这并不是停止针灸的理由。

Danesh suggests we remember how aspirin became accepted as more than an over-the-counter painkiller. Danesh建议我们记住阿司匹林是如何被接受的,而不仅仅是一种非处方止痛药。

“It took years and years for us to figure out the exact molecular mechanisms, but we were [still] giving aspirin,” “我们花了很多年才弄清楚确切的分子机制,但我们(仍)在服用阿司匹林。”

Danesh says. 达内什说。

‘You have a headache? Take aspirin.’ “你头痛吗?吃阿司匹林吧

‘You have back pain? Take aspirin.’ “你背痛吗?吃阿司匹林吧

You have heart problems? …’ 你有心脏病吗?…’

We accepted that aspirin was used. 我们同意使用阿司匹林。

“Acupuncture has good evidence [supporting it]. “针灸有很好的证据(支持它)。

Just because we can’t necessarily explain it down to the molecular level doesn’t mean we need to abandon it.” 仅仅因为我们不能从分子水平解释它,并不意味着我们需要放弃它。”

[双语阅读资料] 九十年代的一个冤案让一个18岁的青年失去了生命 – 杀人回忆

——The Beginning and end of the Hugejiletu injustice



[原翻译]In January 2005, Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu city was cold,
[原翻译]one bloody murder after another, the whole city stirring frets.
【校对】In January 2005, Wulanchabu city in Inner Mongolia was frozen, and a series of bloody tragedies made the whole Wulanchabu City tremble.

[原翻译]At 12 o ‘clock on January 2, 2005, Wushi Pingdiquan town found a female corpse covered with corn straw and plastic mulch .
【校对】At 12:00 on January 2, 2005, a female corpse covered with corn straw and plastic film was found in Pingdiquan Town, Urumqi city.

[原翻译]Police tentatively identified the victim as a taxi driver,who was raped and murdered two hours ago.
The police initially judged that the deceased was a taxi driver who was raped and killed two hours ago.

[原翻译]Around the same time, a 22-year-old woman was raped in the wilderness,

[原翻译]and a few days later a 16-year-old woman was raped and stabbed five times, and killed.
A few days later, a 16-year-old female worker was raped and stabbed five times, and killed.

[原翻译]On February 25, police found the body of another woman who had been raped and murdered in an abandoned grave.
The police found the body of another raped and murdered woman in an abandoned tomb.

[原翻译]After the incident, the police confirmed that all four cases were committed by the same person.
After the crimes, the police identified and confirmed that the four cases were committed by the same person.

[原翻译]The 2.25 series of rapes and murders were listed by the Ministry of Public Security as the second most serious homicide case supervised in 2005.
2.25 series of rape and murder cases were listed as the second major homicide case supervised by the Ministry of public security in 2005.

[原翻译]After more than 300 days of continuous fighting, the police finally had a target.
After more than 300 days of continuous investigation, the police finally had a target.

[原翻译]On October 23, 2005, a middle-aged man named Zhao Zhihong was arrested by the police.

[原翻译]The man later confessed that he had raped 27 times and killed 10 women over several years.
Later, the man confessed that he raped 27 times and killed 10 women in several years.

[原翻译]In the trial, Zhao also gave police details of how he raped and murdered a woman in a toilet in Huhhot nine years ago.
During the interrogation, Zhao Zhihong also confessed to the police the details of his rape and murder of a woman in a toilet in Hohhot nine years ago,

[原翻译]It was the description of these details that suddenly alarmed the detectives in the interrogation room.

[原翻译]It turned out that zhao Zhihong confessed to this murder case, as early as nine years ago, they were “solved”.
It turns out that the murder case confessed by Zhao Zhihong was “solved” by them as early as nine years ago.

[原翻译]An 18-year-old named Hugejiletu was identified as the murderer.
At that time, an 18-year-old young man named huggeletu was identified as the murderer of the case,

[原翻译]and was executed the same year

[原翻译]Nine years after a major murder case was closed and executed, another murderer suddenly appeared,
In a major homicide case that has been concluded and executed, another murderer suddenly appeared nine years later,

[原翻译]both confessing to raping and murdering the same woman in the same toilet.
Both men confessed raping and killing the same woman in the same toilet.

[原翻译]Is it unjust, wrong, or a case within a case?
Is this an unjust case, a wrong case, or a case in the case?

[原翻译]The sensational rape and murder case surfaced once again.
This rape and murder case, which made a sensation in those years, has surfaced again.

[原翻译]A rape and murder case has two “murderers” in nine years.
There were two “killers” in a rape and murder case in 9 years!

[原翻译]The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s public security department
The Department of public security of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

[原翻译]promptly summoned Yan Feng, a witness in the rape and murder case nine years ago.

yan recalled,

On the evening of April 9, 1996,

[原翻译]they had dinner together and then went back to the workshop for the night shift.

[原翻译]After a few drinks, Hugejiletu went out to buy bubble gum to cover up the smell.
Because he drank some wine, in order to cover up the smell of wine, huggeletu went out to buy bubble gum,

[原翻译]He returned shortly after.

[原翻译]he told Yan Feng that something had happened.

[原翻译]Hugejiletu took him straight to the factory’s public toilets and told Yan Feng

[原翻译]that he had heard someone Shouting in the women’s toilets when he passed by.
that he had heard someone screaming in the women’s toilets on his way for shopping.

[原翻译]It was estimated that something had happened.
Something terrible must have happened.

[原翻译]Arriving at the public toilet, they found it dimly lit.
After arriving at the public toilet, they found the light was dim.

[原翻译]Two people outside the toilet shouted two, see no one answer, then lit a lighter decided to explore.
The two men shouted twice outside the toilet. Seeing that no one answered, they lit a lighter and decided to go in and find out.


[原翻译]A woman lay naked against the toilet wall.
They saw a woman lay partially naked against the low wall of the toilet, with her lower part of body exposed.

[原翻译]They ran out of the alley

[原翻译]and there was a police post at the intersection.
There was a security booth at the intersection,

[原翻译]Hugejiletu said to call the police,
Hugejiletu suggested to call the police,

[原翻译]yan Feng said we go back to the workshop.
Yan Feng said no, let’s go back to the workshop.

[原翻译]But Hugejiletu called the police,
Hugejiletu called the police anyway.

[原翻译]and they questioned the two men in isolation,
After Hugejiletu reporting the case to the police, that night the police separated the two young men and interrogated them.

[原翻译]that night, a dozen or two dozen times.
The same set of questions were asked for over ten times.

[原翻译]Halfway through the interrogation,

[原翻译]Yan Feng heard tables and chairs moving, quite loudly,

[原翻译]and then heard the sound of pain.
And then he heard screaming.

[原翻译]Early the next morning, criminal investigators wrapped up their investigation of Yan Feng.
In the early morning of the next day, the detectives closed their interrogation towards Yan Feng.

[原翻译]Yan Feng out of the public Security Bureau, quickly a night of many changes the first time to tell Hugejiletu’s mother Shang Aiyun.
Once Yan Feng left the police office, he came to Hugejiletu’s mother Aiyun Shang, and told her what had happened during the bloody night.

[原翻译]Yan Feng’s news worried Hugejiletu’s parents.
The horrible news brought by Yan Feng worried Jiggeletu’s parents.

[原翻译]After 48 hours of anxiety, they were found by the security department of Cheil Textile Factory.
After spending 48 hours in anxiety, the security guards of the No.1 Wool Mill approached them.

[原翻译]On the afternoon of the third day,

[原翻译]the mill’s security guard said that
The security guards told them,

[原翻译]the Xincheng branch had asked the mill’s security guard to ask the family for Hugejiletu’s bedding,
The Xinchen Police Office asked them to get Hugejiletu’s bedding at home.

[原翻译]saying that Hugejiletu had confessed to the murder.
And suggested that Hugejiletu had confessed to the murder.

[原翻译]Since then, Hugejiletu has been held in a detention center.

[原翻译]Intermediate People’s Court of Hohhot later found that
Later, after the first trial, the Intermediate People’s Court of Hohhot released their verdict,

[原翻译]on the night of April 9, 1996

[原翻译]Hugejiletu slipped into a public toilet after drinking,

[原翻译]who raped and killed a young woman while she was going to the toilet.
Raped and killed a young woman who was in the toilet.

[原翻译]Hugejiletu was sentenced to death for hooliganism and murder.
Hugejiletu was sentenced to death for committing hooliganism and murder.

[原翻译]Hugejiletu appealed the verdict of the first instance.
Hugejiletu appealed against the verdict of the first instance.


[原翻译]As he waited for the ruling, his father, Li Sanren, saw the reason for his son’s appeal written in the detention house:
While waiting for the verdict of the second instance, his father Sanren Li saw the reasons for appeal written by his son, in the detention center.

第一条,我和闫峰开玩笑的一句话咋能作为证人证词(?)[原翻译]First, my joke with Yan Feng can not be used as witness testimony.

第二条,我不怕死,但我要死(得)明白。[原翻译]Number two, I’m not afraid of death, but I want to die without being misjudged, 我没有掐她,哪来的血?[原翻译]I didn’t choke her. Where’s the blood? (I didn’t even try to strangle her, where did the blood come from?)

第三条,我还年轻,我还能为国家做贡献。[原翻译]Third, I am still young, I can still make contributions to the country.

[原翻译]When yan Feng, a colleague, stopped Hugejiletu from reporting the case, he expressed concern that
What really happened was, Yan Feng, the colleague, expressed his concern while stopping Hugejiletu from reporting the case:

[原翻译]the police might regard the two men as suspects.
The police may consider them as suspects.

[原翻译]Hugejiletu told Yan,

[原翻译]”Even if you say you did it yourself, the police will find out that it wasn’t us.”
Even if you say you did it, the police would never it was us once they finish the investigation.

[原翻译]This remark became part of Hugejiletu’s incriminating testimony.
And his words became part of Hugejiletu’s incriminating testimony.

[原翻译]In addition, the case of the most important “iron evidence” is
In addition, the most important hard evidence of the case is

[原翻译]Hugejiletu finger blood sample and the victim’s throat was pinched blood type is completely consistent.
The remaining blood sample from the finger suture of Huggeletu is completely consistence with the blood sample of the victim at her throat where she was strangled.


[原翻译]But according to a first scene investigation police recall,
But according to the memory of a police officer who was in charge of the first scene investigation.

[原翻译]no wounds and blood were found on the body of the deceased.

[原翻译]Most importantly, the police did not match Hugejiletu’s semen with the sperm stains left on the victim’s body.
The most important suspicion is that the police did not even compare the semen of uggeletu with the residual semen in the victim’s corpse.

[原翻译]On June 5, 1996, Inner Mongolia Higher People’s Court of the second instance ruled that the original judgment should be maintained.
On June 5, 1996, Inner Mongolia Higher People’s Court ruled in the second instance: the original judgment should be maintained.

[原翻译]Five days later Hugejiletu was taken to the execution ground and shot. Still Aiyun received a notice for his son’s body.
Five days later, Huggeletu was taken to the execution ground and shot. On the same day, his mother Aiyun Shang received a notice to collect his son’s body.

[原翻译]Qinggeletu was Hugejiletu’s third brother and was only sixteen years old at the time.
Qinggeletu was Hugejiletu’s third younger brother, only sixteen years old at the time.

[原翻译]After Hugejiletu was executed, he attended to his second brother at the crematorium.
After Hugejiletu was executed, he took care of the cremation for his second older brother at the crematorium.

Qinggenetu recalls,

[原翻译]The stretcher was covered in blood and his arms were reduced to only skin and bone.
He wrapped the body with a piece of cloth when he removed it from the stretcher, because it was very bloody, and he noticed his brother’s arms was very skinny.

[原翻译]Hugejiletu also has very deep rope marks.
On the body of Hugejiletu there were deep and horrible marks showing that he had been strangled with rope.

[原翻译]Carried to the autopsy room,
After carrying it to the autopsy room,


[原翻译]Qinggeletu saw the corpse above two bullet holes, a temple, a back of the head.
Qinggeletu saw two bullet holes on the corpse of his elder brother, once at the temple on the head, another at the back of the head.

[原翻译]Shang Aiyun told reporters,the first shot may have missed, but the second.
Their mother Aiyun Shang told reporters, the young man may still be alive after the first shot, so they added the second shot.

[原翻译]Spring comes late every year on the Outer plateau.
On the northern plateau, spring comes late every year.

[原翻译]Even at Tomb-sweeping day, Hugejiletu’s grave was still solemn.
Even at Tomb-sweeping Day, it is still desolate and cold surrounding the grave of Hugejiletu.

[原翻译]Shang Aiyun has always insisted on this day to his son’s grave for decades.
For decades, Aiyun Shang has insisted to visit the grave of her son on this special day.

[原翻译]After Hugejiletu was shot,

[原翻译]the couple had to bear the pain of losing their son,

[原翻译]but also bear the son was a rapist and murderer,
And also a bad name of their son being a rapist and murderer.

[原翻译]but the legal verdict has become a fait accompli.
Yet the legal verdict was final, unchangeable.

[原翻译]There was little the couple could do other than emotionally conclude that their son was incapable of rape or murder.

[原翻译]If the real killer never comes out, Hugejiletu will never be cleared.
If the real murderer never comes out, there will be no way to prove his innocence.

[原翻译]On october 23, 2005,

[原翻译]Wulanchabu serial rape and murder case finally solved.
The serious serial rape and murder case in Ulanqab was finally solved.

[原翻译]The suspect zhao Zhihong was arrested.

[原翻译]He confessed to 27 rapes and 10 murders over a ten-year period.

[原翻译]Among them was the rape and murder case in a public toilet in Hohhot no. 1 Wool Mill in 1996.
Among them was the Apr.9 Rape and Murder Case that took place in No.1 Wool Mill, Hohhot City, in 1996.

[原翻译]The confession surprised the police.
Such confession really alarmed the police.

[原翻译]They arranged experienced police to interview Zhao Zhihong in turn about the “4.9 rape and murder case”.
They arranged senior police officers to interrogate Zhao Zhihong in turn, regarding the Apr.9 Rape and Murder Case.

[原翻译]A week later, the police took Zhao Zhihong to the first Wool Mill to identify and restore the crime scene of “4.9 rape and murder case”.
Once week later, the police took Zhao Zhihong to the No.1 Wool Mill, to identify and restore the crime scene.

[原翻译]On November 28, 2006, The Huhu Intermediate People’s Court tried zhao Zhihong’s rape and murder case in private.
On Nov.28, 2006, the Huhohhot Intermediate People’s Court tried Zhao Zhihong’s rape and murder case in a closed court.

[原翻译]Out of all people’s expectation,
Out of everyone’s expectation,

公诉机关在对赵志红进行指控的时候,却意外地“遗忘”了“4.9奸杀案”。 (意外的,改为意外地)

[原翻译]the public prosecution organs in the charge of Zhao Zhihong, but accidentally “forgotten” “4.9 rape and murder case”.
When the public prosecution charged Zhao Zhihong, it accidentally forgot the Apr.9 Rape and Murder Case.

[原翻译]In court, when the inspection authority asked Zhao Zhihong confessed to the 9 cases
In court, when the prosecutor asked Zhao Zhihong to confess to the 9 cases,

[原翻译]of the attitude is intriguing,

[原翻译]even Zhao Zhihong curiously asked the public prosecutor said:
Even Zhao Zhihong himself curiously asked the prosecutors:

[原翻译]”I killed 10 people, not 9 ah,
But I killed ten, not nine!


[原翻译]why don’t you ask me in the wool mill l toilet rape and murder situation?”
Why don’t you ask me what happened in the toilet at the No.1 Wool Mill’s worker family yard, about the rape and murder?

[原翻译]Tang Ji, a reporter from Xinhua’s Inner Mongolia bureau, has been following the development of Hugejiletu’s case.
Tang Ji, a journalist at Xinhua News’s Inner Mongalia Bureau, has been following the case.

[原翻译]He made an urgent report to the central committee in the form of internal reference.

[原翻译] The Inner Mongolia Political and Legal Committee

[原翻译]formed a verification team to review the case

[原翻译] and concluded that

[原翻译] there was insufficient evidence to sentence Hugejiletu to death.

On November 20, 2014,

[原翻译] the Hugejiletu case was retried.

On December 15,

[原翻译] the Higher People’s Court of The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

[原翻译] acquitted Hugejiletu, the defendant in the original trial,

[原翻译] and started the accountability process and state compensation.

[原翻译] On December 30,

[原翻译] Inner Mongolia High People’s Court

[原翻译] made a state compensation decision according to law,

[原翻译] and decided to pay a total of 2,059,621.40 yuan to Li Sanren and Shang Aiyun.

On July 30, 2019,

[原翻译] the Intermediate People’s Court of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

[原翻译] in accordance with the execution order issued by the president of the Supreme People’s Court.

[原翻译] executed zhao Zhihong, a criminal,

[双语阅读资料] 抗抑郁药的副作用 The Side Effects of Antidepressants



Many antidepressants cause side effects that improve with time. 许多抗抑郁药会导致副作用,但它会慢慢改善。 For example例如, initial side effects when starting an SSRI can include SSRI 疗程开始时的初始副作用可能包括:dry mouth口干, nausea恶心, loose bowel movements腹泻 , headache 头痛and insomnia失眠, but these symptoms usually go away 但这些症状通常会消失 as your body adjusts to the antidepressant 随着你的身体逐渐适应抗抑郁药物.

When to Stop 何时停止用药

Under American Psychiatric Association guidelines根据美国精神病协会的指导方针, if you are taking an antidepressant for your first depressive episode如果你在第一次抑郁症发作时开始服用抗抑郁药, you should stay on it for at least 4 or 5 months after your symptoms of depression stop 那么即使在抑郁症状停止后,你也应该坚持至少4到5个月. Keep in mind 请记住,that you may need to try several different antidepressants to find the right option for you你可能需要尝试几种不同的抗抑郁药来找到适合你的选择, and even then, it can take 2 or 3 weeks to see an initial improvement即便如此,也可能需要2到3周的时间才能看到初步的改善. After that, it can take 3 to 6 months for symptoms to improve to the point that you are no longer depressed之后,症状可能需要3到6个月才能改善到不再抑郁的程度. Altogether, this could mean taking a prescription for about a year to get the full benefits总的来说,这可能意味着需要服用一年左右的处方药,才能获得全部药效.

If you have ongoing major depressive disorder 如果你患有持续性重度抑郁症, or you have had three or more depressive episodes 或者你有过三次或三次以上的抑郁发作, the APA recommends treatment for at least a few years APA建议至少治疗几年. Doctors may also recommend longer treatment when the risk of relapse is high当复发的风险很高时,医生也可能建议延长治疗时间。.

This can depend on a few factors including your: 这取决于几个因素,包括:

  • Family history of mental illness精神疾病家族史
  • Other long-term medical or mental health problems 其他长期医疗或心理健康问题
  • Ongoing symptoms while you’re on medication 服药期间持续出现的症状
  • Ongoing stressors, such as trouble sleeping or work or relationship problems 持续的压力源,如睡眠问题、工作或关系问题

“Decide with your doctor what you expect to gain and improve from taking medication 和你的医生一起决定你希望从服用药物中获得和改善什么,” Baron says巴荣医生说. “Poor sleep睡眠不佳、low energy精神不振 and low self-esteem symptoms 和情绪低落灯症状 might respond to medication 可能会对药物产生反应,but antidepressants don’t take care of relationship problems.但抗抑郁药不能解决人际关系问题。”

Antidepressants and risk of suicide 抗抑郁药与自杀风险

Most antidepressants are generally safe大多数抗抑郁药通常是安全的, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all antidepressants carry black box warnings但美国食品和药物管理局(FDA)要求,所有抗抑郁药都用黑盒包装,以示警告, the strictest warnings for prescriptions 这是最严格的处方药警告. In some cases, children, teenagers and young adults under 25 may have an increase in suicidal thoughts or behavior when taking antidepressants在某些情况下,儿童、青少年和25岁以下的年轻人在服用抗抑郁药物时可能会有更多的自杀想法或行为, especially in the first few weeks after starting or when the dose is changed 尤其是在开始服药后的前几周,或在剂量改变时.

Anyone taking an antidepressant should be watched closely for worsening depression or unusual behavior任何服用抗抑郁药的人都应该密切关注抑郁症恶化或异常行为. If you or someone you know has suicidal thoughts when taking an antidepressant, immediately contact your doctor or get emergency help 如果你或你认识的人在服用抗抑郁药时有自杀念头,请立即联系你的医生,或寻求紧急帮助.

Keep in mind 不过请记住,that antidepressants are more likely to reduce suicide risk抗抑郁药更有可能降低自杀风险 in the long run 从长远来看,by improving mood通过改善情绪。

[双语阅读资料] 生活在北京的玻璃盒子里

We are in the same Olympic city but remain a world apart 我们同在奥运之城,却又咫尺天涯

Beijing (CNN)

这篇报道是我在CNN的网站上看到的,作者是一个美国华侨,叫Selina Wang,也是CNN的记者。她的父母早年来到美国读研究生,然后就留了下来,生下了包括Selina在内的第二代。阅读这篇文章,可以让我们从这个能够说中文的美国黄皮肤记者的视角,来看看北京的冬奥会,以及那一堵冰冷的,被大多数国人忽略的玻璃墙。

Two months ago, I called my grandma to tell her I’d be in Beijing for the Winter Olympics. She was thrilled. 两个月前,我打电话给奶奶,告诉她我会来北京参加冬奥会。 她听了非常高兴。

But I explained that even though we’d be in the same city, I wouldn’t be able to see her. I’d be in a strict bubble, separate from the rest of China’s population. 但我又解释说,即使我们在同一个城市,我也看不到她。 我将处于一个管理严格的泡泡中,与中国其他人口分开。

My grandma said not to worry. Just focus on your work, she said. 奶奶说不用担心,好好工作就可以了。

I lived in Beijing before taking up a posting in Tokyo early in the pandemic. 在疫情初期,我住在北京,后来在东京工作。

When I left, I wasn’t sure when I’d see my grandma again. 当我离开时,我不知道何时能再见到我的奶奶。

China’s borders have been virtually closed for two years because of Covid, and the government has accepted limited visas for journalists. 由于新冠疫情,中国的边境实际上已经关闭了两年,政府只接受有限的记者签证。

The Winter Olympics offered a rare chance for me to return to the country. 这次冬奥会为我提供了难得的回国机会。

Yet within the Olympic closed loop, it’s as if I’m traversing the city in a glass box, unable to experience the Beijing I know. 而在这个封闭的奥运环中,我仿佛置身于一个玻璃盒子里,在城市中穿行,无法体验我所熟悉的北京。

Hotels and venues are surrounded by temporary walls, fences, and security. 酒店和场馆都被临时围墙、栅栏和安保所包围。

I’ve gotten used to seeing workers in hazmat suits — waiting tables, serving cocktails, or taking my Covid test. 我习惯了看到穿着防护服的工人——在服务台、在供应鸡尾酒,或给我做新冠肺炎核酸测试。

As I watch the familiar Beijing streets zoom by through car windows — a colorful blur of tall buildings, masked faces and delivery scooters — I long to step out just for a moment. 看着熟悉的北京街道从车窗里掠过——高楼、带着口罩的面孔和脚踩踏板车送货者组合成的色彩斑斓的模糊街景——我真想从玻璃盒子里走出片刻。

So when I noticed a bridge near my hotel that allowed Beijing residents to look down into the closed loop, within the temporary walls, I saw a window of opportunity to see my grandma. 因此,当我注意到酒店附近有一座天桥,可以让北京居民俯视位于临时围墙内那个封闭起来的奥运空间时,我觉得有机会见一见我奶奶了。

I dropped a location pin to my relatives, and told them that unfortunately, this was the closest we could get while I was in Beijing. 我在手机上给亲戚发了个定位,并告诉他们,不好意思,这个天桥就是我在北京时,能最接近他们的地方。

Still, my grandma was delighted, arriving 20 minutes early in her nicest winter coat. I yelled Happy New Year in Mandarin as loud as I could, as she’s hard of hearing, and jumped up and down. 尽管如此,我奶奶还是很高兴,穿着她最好看的冬衣,提前 20 分钟到达了这个地点。 我用普通话大声喊新年快乐,因为她听力不好,然后我蹦蹦跳跳和奶奶打招呼。

She took off her mask and smiled broadly, her face crinkling at the edges. 她摘下口罩,笑得很灿烂,就像一朵花。

Our meeting was emblematic of the isolation the world has dealt with since the pandemic began. 我们的这场古怪的会面,很像疫情以来,整个世界所面临的各种隔离。

Early on, I was separated from my husband for nine months. 早些时候,我与丈夫分居了九个月。

I didn’t see my parents for more than two years. 另外有两年多没见过父母。

I spent months and months in various quarantines in Asia. 我在亚洲的各种隔离区呆过几个月。

Now, even though I was finally back in the same city as my grandma, literally just meters away from her during the Lunar New Year holiday, I couldn’t embrace her. 现在,即使我终于回到了奶奶同一个城市,即使在这个农历新年假期中,离她只有几米远,我还是无法拥抱她。

Tears started to well. It was overwhelming to see her face from a distance. 我双眼含泪。 远远地看着她的脸,真是百感交集。

I took out my phone to video call her so she could hear me properly. 我拿出手机给她视频通话,让她能正常听到我的声音。

How ironic it was that even in our face-to-face meeting, we still had to resort to a virtual call to communicate. 真是讽刺,即使相对咫尺面对面,我们仍然不得不求助于虚拟电话来进行交流。

Grandma told me she was mostly staying at home for the holidays, as there were no festivities to attend in Beijing because of Covid. 奶奶告诉我,她大部分时间都待在家里过节,因为新冠疫情,在北京没有庆祝活动可以参加。

She recently relocated from Henan to live with relatives in Beijing to have heating in the wintertime. 她最近从河南搬来和北京的亲戚住在一起,冬天抱团取暖。

She was grateful for the warmth and was comfortable — albeit sometimes lonely — at home. 她很感激这种家庭温暖,在家里呆着也很舒服——尽管有时也很孤独。

Despite the joy I felt in seeing my grandma, the tears continued to flow. 尽管看到奶奶很高兴,但眼泪还是不停地流。

It was a cathartic emotional release. 这是一种宣泄的情感释放。

She’s my last living grandparent, and it was heartening to see that despite the tumult of the last few years, she’s safe and healthy. 她是我在世的最后一位祖父母,令人欣慰的是,尽管过去几年经历了世事动荡,她仍然全康。

Olympic sacrifices 奥运之牺牲

Throughout the pandemic, China has sealed off entire communities or cities over even a single Covid case. 在整个疫情期间,中国甚至因一个 新冠病例就会封锁了整个社区或城市。

In some cities, like in Wuhan and Xi’an, residents have endured draconian measures. 在一些城市,如武汉和西安,居民忍受了严厉的防疫措施。

At the same time, for many locals like my grandma, who haven’t lived in cities with major outbreaks, the strict Covid rules are just a way of life. 同时,对于很多像我奶奶这样还没有大面积爆发过疫情的城市生活过的当地人来说,严格的 新冠管控规定只是一种生活方式。

They’ve accepted the restrictions, preferring the sporadic lockdowns and confinement to the skyrocketing numbers of death they see reported elsewhere. 他们已经接受了这些限制,愿意面对小面积的封锁和限制措施,也不愿看到新闻报道中显示的其他地方激增的死亡人数。

Beijing’s Olympic ‘bubble’ will be the most ambitious Covid quarantine ever attempted. Will it work? 北京的奥运“泡泡”将是有史以来最雄心勃勃的疫情隔离尝试。但 它有用吗?

I spoke to one of the Covid testers stationed outside my hotel. 我与驻扎在酒店外的一名 核酸测试人员进行了交谈。

He sits in a small cubicle the size of a phone booth, wearing a hazmat suit, mask and face shield. 他坐在一个电话亭大小的小隔间里,身穿防护服、戴着口罩和面罩。

Through the plexiglass, he told me that during his shifts that last at least six hours he cannot drink, eat, or use the bathroom. 透过有机玻璃,他告诉我,他上一次班至少持续六个小时,这期间他不能喝水、吃饭或上厕所。

To prevent himself from needing to relieve himself, he doesn’t eat before his shift starts. He says it’s difficult to be away from his six-year-old son for so long, but he manages to video call him every day. 为避免自己上厕所的需要,他在上班开始前都不吃东西。 他说难过的是要离开他六岁的儿子这么久,但他每天都设法和他视频电话。

Despite the grueling work, he said it’s all worth it to be a part of the Games. 尽管工作很辛苦,但他说成为冬奥会的一员是值得的。

On Lunar New Year’s Day, I saw little festivities. 在农历新年那天,我看到庆祝活动很少。

The only reminder was the red lanterns that dotted the trees outside the media center. 唯一的春节迹象是媒体中心外的树上点缀的红灯笼。

That day, I noticed an Olympic worker standing at the edge of the closed loop, waving to her two young sons behind layers of barricades and fences. 那天,我注意到一名奥运工作人员站在封闭奥运环的边缘,在层层路障和栅栏后面,向她的两个年幼的儿子挥手致意。

Her sons gripped the fence, yelling to their mother that they missed her and wished they could be together for the New Year. 她的儿子们抓住栅栏,向他们的母亲大喊他们想念她,希望他们能在一起过新年。

It was a touching moment that inspired me to meet my grandma the following day. 这是一个感人的时刻,激发了我第二天想办法见一见我的祖母。

The woman told me this was the longest she’d ever been apart from her kids. 那位女士告诉我,这是她与孩子们分开时间最长的一次。

Once in a while, they would meet at the edge of the park and wave to each other from afar. 偶尔,他们会在公园的边缘相遇,远远地互相挥手。

Local Chinese staff have been in the Olympic bubble since early January and will stay in it through the end of the Paralympic Games. 当地的中国工作人员从一月初就进这个封闭的奥运泡泡中,并将一直呆到残奥会结束。

After that, they’re required to quarantine for as long as 21 days at a government facility. 之后,他们需要在政府指定机构隔离长达 21 天。

Especially on Lunar New Year Day, she said it made her tearful to think about how close she was to her children, yet unbearably far. 尤其是在农历新年那天,她说自己离孩子这种咫尺天涯的隔离,让她泪流满面。

I heard similar stories over and over again from drivers, security guards, restaurant waiters, and volunteers in the Olympic closed loop. 我一遍又一遍地从司机、保安、餐厅服务员和奥运闭环中的志愿者那里听到类似的故事。

They’ve all decided to live separately from their families for months, in order to be part of the Olympics. 为了参加奥运会,大家都决定与家人分开几个月。

Some are frustrated by the confinement — disappointed they can’t get closer to the Olympic action. 一些人对隔离感到沮丧——对他们无法近距离看到冬奥会的各种活动感到失望。

But most of them told me they’re proud and excited to help make the event happen, brushing off the personal sacrifice. 但大多数人告诉我,他们很自豪也很兴奋能帮助完成这个运动会,个人做出点牺牲无所谓。

Worlds apart 咫尺天涯

For my grandma, the pandemic times are just a small chapter in her life beset with struggle and sacrifice. 对我奶奶来说,她的一生充满了斗争和牺牲,疫情只是其中一小部分,。

She survived The Great Leap Forward in China, when tens of millions died from famine. 她在中国的大跃进中幸存下来,当时数以千万计的人死于饥荒。

When she was pregnant with my father, she had to subsist on porridge, tree leaves and tree bark to piece enough nutrition to survive. 当她怀着我父亲时,只有稀粥、树叶和树皮可以果腹,勉强活命。

My father grew up in similarly challenging conditions. 我父亲在同样充满挑战的环境中长大。

He remembers the Lunar New Year as one of the rare moments growing up when his belly was full. 他记得,农历新年是他成长过程中难得的饱腹时刻之一。

My parents attended graduate school in America, where they settled down and raised me and my sister. 我的父母是在美国读的研究生,后来就在这里安家,抚养我和我的妹妹。

My grandma and grandpa, who were farmers in China, came to the US to care for us until I was in elementary school, while my parents worked. 我的奶奶和爷爷在中国是农民,后来来美国照顾我们,直到我上小学,当时我的父母在工作。

Grandpa walked me to school every day. 爷爷每天送我上学。

Grandma’s handmade dumplings and noodles were sitting on the table when I came home. 回家时,奶奶的手工饺子和面条总是热腾腾地摆在桌上。

Grandpa turned our backyard into a vegetable garden. 爷爷把我们的后院变成了菜园。

Grandma sat by my bedside when I struggled to fall asleep. 当我难以入睡时,奶奶就会坐在我的床边。

They taught me to read and write Chinese. 他们教我读写中文。

I even spoke Mandarin with a villager’s countryside accent. 我甚至会说带有乡音的普通话。

“But increasingly, China’s rise is at odds with America’s — and many democratic nations’ — dream for the world.” “但中国的崛起越来越与美国——以及许多民主国家——的世界梦想背道而驰。”

As I looked at my grandma from afar, I could see an expression of pride on her face. 我远远地看着奶奶,我能看到她脸上洋溢着自豪的神情。

In her eyes, I had succeeded as the product of the American Dream and her other “grand” children in China were living through China’s rise. 在她眼里,我是美国梦的产物,而她在中国的其他孙辈们则正在经历中国的崛起。

The China my grandma lives in now is far wealthier and more powerful than the impoverished country she raised my father in. 我奶奶现在生活的中国,比她抚养我父亲时的贫困国家要富裕得多,也强大得多。

It’s also become increasingly authoritarian and intolerant of dissent. 它也变得越来越赚制和不容忍一议。

The United States and its allies have boycotted the Games as a statement against allegations of human rights abuses that Beijing vehemently denies. 美国及其盟国抵制冬奥会,以此作为对北京侵犯人权指控的声明,而后者当然坚决否认。

Tensions are growing between China and numerous countries. 中国与许多国家之间的紧张局势正在加剧。

Surveillance and censorship mechanisms have also become more sophisticated. 监控和深查机制也变得更加越来越复杂。

I’ve grown accustomed to seeing some of my television reports censored in real time on TV screens in China. 我已经习惯于在中国的电视屏幕上,看到我的一些电视报道被实时审查。

At the Olympics, the pandemic has also given China the ability to closely monitor and track participants, including journalists. 在奥运会上,这场疫情也使中国有能力密切监视和跟踪包括记者在内的参赛者。

The restrictions we face reflect a country that has become more hostile to journalists, free speech, and generally any criticism of China. 我们面临的限制反映了这个国家对记者、言论子由以及对中国的任何批评变得更加敌对。

In that environment, it’s harder than ever to tell stories about Chinese people. 在那种环境下,讲中国人的故事比以往任何时候都难。

Many are fearful of retribution for speaking to Western media, even on non-sensitive topics. 许多人害怕因向西方媒体发表言论而受到报复,即使是在非敏感话题上也是如此。

The woman I spoke to in the Olympic bubble on New Year’s Day — the one who was meeting her children — asked me not to use her name or show her face on camera, worried about the consequences of sharing her story. 元旦那天我在奥运泡沫中与我交谈的那个女人——那个正在和她的孩子见面的女人——要求我不要使用她的名字或在镜头前露脸,担心我分享她的故事会带来后果。

That sentiment makes it harder for the world to learn about the rich and multifaceted lives of China’s 1.4 billion people. 这种情绪使得外界了解中国 14 亿人民丰富多样的生活,变得更难。

As I watched my Grandma’s peaceful expression from the bridge above, I told her I couldn’t wait to eat her dumplings again. 我在桥上看着奶奶平静的表情,告诉她我迫不及待地想再吃她的饺子。

I wanted to give her a big hug and climb over that wall — the barrier between us, symbolic of a nation increasingly separated from the world, even for the people who want to see the country and its residents thrive. 我想给她一个大大的拥抱,然后翻过那堵墙——那是我们之间的屏障,一个与世界日益分离的国家象征,即使对那些真心希望看到这个国家及其居民繁荣发展的人来说,也是一堵难以逾越的高墙。

[双语阅读资料] 徐州铁链女 the Chained Woman in Xuzhou – 出乎意料的反转 an unexpected twist


NPR 是一个独立的非营利性媒体组织,其成立的使命是让公众更了解身边发生的情况。 每天,NPR 都在空中、在线或者面对面与数百万美国人联结,以探索新闻、想法以及作为人类的意义。 通过我们的会员站网络,NPR 能够使一个本地故事成为全国性的、让一个全国性的故事在各地讲述,或者让一个全球性的故事,成为个人的事情。


In early February, Xuzhou city issued a bombshell statement, refuting its own explanations on how the woman had ended up in Feng county, in China’s Xuzhou city. 2 月初,徐州市发表了一份重磅声明,驳斥了它自己之前对这名女子是如何落入中国徐州市丰县的解释。

The family name of Yang was false, the city admitted. The woman’s real name, they believed, was Xiaohuamei — which means “little plum blossom.” 市政府承认,杨姓是假的。 他们相信,这个女人的真名是小花梅——意思是“小梅花”。

It was also the name of a woman who had been reported missing from Yagu village, a small hamlet in southwestern Yunnan province, on the border with Myanmar. 这也是云南省西南部与缅甸接壤的一个小村庄 – 亚谷村 – 据报失踪的一名妇女的名字。

And somehow, she had ended up shackled and freezing some 1,800 miles away from home. 不知何故,她最终在离家大约 1,800 英里的地方,被铁链铐住,并挨冻。

More information on this case has been released, although it doesn’t necessarily shed light on what happened that led to this woman being chained in a shed. 有关此案的更多信息已经发布,尽管它仍然不能解释清楚,导致这名妇女被锁在一个棚子里的原因。

In a third statement, government investigators claimed that sometime after 1996, the woman’s mother had requested that a local villager named Sang bring a young Xiaohuamei to Jiangsu province to seek medical treatment for an unknown ailment. 在第三份报告中,政府调查人员声称,在 1996 年之后的某个时候,该妇女的母亲曾委托当地一名姓桑的村民,将年轻的小花妹带到了江苏省,以治疗一种不明疾病。

Then, somehow, Sang lost track of Xiaohuamei in Jiangsu. 然后,不知何故,桑在江苏省把小花梅弄丢了。

The statement noted that Xiaohuamei’s parents are now deceased. 报告指出,小花梅的父母现已去世。

Once again, this explanation struck internet users as odd. Thousands of skeptics wrote online: Why would a mother entrust her daughter to a stranger and ask that she bring the child for medical care so far from home? Was Xiaohuamei even her legal name? 再一次,这个解释让网民感到奇怪, 成千上万的怀疑论者在网上写道:一个母亲为什么要把女儿托付给一个陌生人,并要求她把孩子带到离家这么远的地方看病? 小花梅是她的法定姓名吗?

“This is probably the longest-running and most followed women’s rights topic in China in recent years, making it impossible this time for the local authorities, who could have fooled the public in the past, to make excuses,” says Feng, Equality Beijing’s director. “这可能是近年来中国持续时间最长、关注度最高的一个女权话题,在以往,地方当局本来又可以愚弄公众,但这次他们无法找借口,” 平等北京组织的主任冯说。

Finally, on Feb. 10, the city of Xuzhou confirmed it had arrested Xiaohuamei’s husband on suspicion of illegal detention of his wife and had arrested Sang, the villager, and her husband on suspicion of human trafficking. 最终,2月10日,徐州市确认以涉嫌非法拘禁妻子为由,逮捕了小花梅的丈夫,并以涉嫌贩卖人口罪,逮捕了村民桑及其丈夫。

The city’s online statement garnered more than 300 million views, making it the top trending topic on social media, exceeding public interest in the Winter Olympics that week. 这个城市的网络公告获得了超过 3 亿的浏览量,成为社交媒体上的热门话题,超过了公众对这一周冬奥会的兴趣。

“We really should not stand by and watch. If we do not speak up for those who are suffering, when misfortune happens to us or our relatives, who will speak up on our behalf?” wrote a Weibo user, one of nearly 152,000 people who left comments underneath the statement. “我们真的不应该袖手旁观。如果我们不为受苦的人发声,当不幸发生在我们或我们的亲人身上时,谁会代表我们说话?” 一位微博用户这样写道,有近 152,000 名网名在公告下方留下类似的评论。

Wuyi and Quanmei, the two women who drove down in an attempt to visit the woman named Xiaohuamei, left warm comments of support as well. 有两名女子驱车前来探望名叫小花梅的这名女子,她们一个叫乌衣,一个叫拳妹,也留言表示支持。

But the next day, they were detained by police in Feng county for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble,” a catchall legal term frequently used by local authorities to stop political irritants. They have since been released from detention. 但第二天,她们因“寻衅滋事”被丰县警方拘留,这是地方当局经常使用的一个笼统的法律术语,用来维稳。 之后,她们被释放。

The whereabouts of the woman who authorities claim is Xiaohuamei are also uncertain. Authorities say she remains hospitalized for mental health treatment, unable to take media interviews. Her silence has left questions swirling about her identity. 当局声称叫小花梅的女子如今也下落不明。 当局表示,她仍在住院接受心理健康治疗,无法接受媒体采访。 她的沉默,让人们对她的身份产生了疑问。

Ma Sa and Tie Mu, two former investigative journalists, managed to visit the border village in Yunnan province that authorities identified as Xiaohuamei’s hometown. 两名前调查记者Ma Sa和Tie Mu设法访问了云南省的这个边境村庄,也就是当局认定是小花梅家乡的那个小村。

What they found suggests the story is not over. A woman who was identified as Xiaohuamei’s half sister, her closest living relative, said she has yet to see the results of a DNA test that authorities had conducted to determine if the chained woman was in fact related to her. 他们的调查发现表明这个故事还没有结束。 一名被确认为小花梅同母异父的妹妹的妇女说,她还没有看到当局进行的 DNA 测试的结果,以确定这名被锁链的女子是否真的与她有关。

But nothing about the woman in the Xuzhou hospital reminded her of her long-lost sister, said the half sister. 但这个同母异父的妹妹说,徐州医院的那个女人并没有让她联想起失散多年的姐姐。

“I cannot recognize her from the videos and pictures,” she said. “But if they are sure she is my sister, I would definitely like to visit her.” “我无法从视频和图片中认出她,”她说。 “但如果他们确定她是我的姐姐,我肯定会去探望她。”

60公里极限徒步、健行 – 2022山水之间冬令营第二期记事



21日清早四点五十分出发,两个读初一的长沙市学生: T、H,还有一个初二的本地少年D,加上一个快五十岁的罗老师,四个人相伴一整天,徒步六十公里,一直很和谐,有说个不停的有几乎从不开口说话的。大家体力都超出同龄人平均水平,包括我,这让我暗地里有点纳闷,到底是意外还是一种必然,使得我们看似意外地组成了这么一个超强组合。毕竟,三个少年以前最远徒步也就是一天20公里多一点。我去年还是前年一天徒步过50公里,所以我不担心自己的体力。



  • 金井古井[金井镇]
  • 单家坝[高桥镇]
  • 耕庆村
  • 幸福商店
  • 白鹭湖
  • 思公桥
  • 牛皮岭
  • 浏阳[沙市镇]坳上组
  • 赤马村五星组
  • 西边大屋
  • 赤马湖风景区
  • 中洲村中冲组
  • 秧田村农家书屋[终点站]







1. 为什么H会提议徒步60公里,并且当天来回?



H是同学中的另类,他说自己几乎没有同龄的朋友,原因在我看来很清楚: 他感兴趣的主要是世界的本质、运行规律,对于人情往来、派对、交友这些没有很多兴趣,是否阿斯我不敢随便说,但起码和阿斯伯格综合征患者的情况类似,因为我就是轻度阿斯。我很快就能看清他的苦恼,他很快就向我完全敞开心扉,主要是因为我自己也是类似的情况。如果我实现了财务自由,可以选择自己的生活方式的话,那我肯定会尽量远离芸芸众生,必要的话包括母亲,关在自己的世界里去写小说,构建属于自己的另类世界,比如科幻冒险小说。








2. 怕鬼的T


T参加过我的冬夏令营周末营多次,经常会说: “好无聊啊。”另外,他在白天的徒步过程中话很多,然后一直在埋怨我不让他带手机来,我给他手机后他一直在玩游戏,以前来山水营地他是带着手机的,但是他说很多时候并不是在玩游戏,不是看视频,而是翻微信为主,但他自己也说其实只有几个微信好友,没啥可看的。这些线索凑在一起,让我怀疑他有注意力缺失ADD的问题。

后来在百度百科上找到了ADD的症状列表,T对照着做了一个自测,说大部分都符合,所以明白了,他的不安来自于这个: 注意力缺失症,和多动症类似,只是多动症不仅仅注意力缺失,也会反映在行动上,也就是动个不停。T只是大脑多动,但是这也足够让他感受到自己与同龄人之间的不同和隔阂,也足够让他的妈妈唠叨和约束了。





生命的形式远远超出我们的想象,比如石头其实也是有生命的,只是和动物植物微生物不一样而已,首先它的组成不是有机物,其次,它的生命形式是这样的: 大岩石的崩塌碎裂就是一块石头的出生,它在风雨之中滚动,化成沙,最后成为泥土就是它的生命过程,泥土沙石在亿万年之后由于地质运动又会变成石头。。。








3. 几乎从不说话的D






D给我的回答好像是: 买房子,余下的钱存起来,一个老气横秋的缺乏安全感的成人的回答。他很缺乏自信。

他的朋友告诉我: 在陌生人面前D几乎是不说话的,在熟人面前会很活泼甚至可以放肆,我作为他的表叔,一直看不透他,也没能帮到他。希望这次徒步五十公里会让他对自己多了一些了解。

4. 命






元旦.周末双语营: 🐞英语沙龙+双语辩论赛 /1号星沙🌺海伦春天 /2号岳麓区









英语补习班的英语老师们想了很多办法让学生对学英语产生兴趣,包括多媒体教学、游戏、用外教等等,但是似乎效果也有限,原因是: 通过视频、动画、游戏来学英语,很轻松,但轻松往往意味着不怎么过脑,不过脑就记不牢,效果就不好。








为什么外教上课对很多学生来说完全没效果? 因为学生基础不到,或者大脑不习惯完全脱离母语的环境。






关于教育,有一个方面我认为被大部分成年人忽视了: 就是学生很享受知识和智力的输出,这种输出带来的成就感是超出我们的想象的,并不是只有吃东西和玩耍才会给学生带来足够的满足感。所以学生其实大多数都喜欢参加辩论,其热情超出很多大人的预料,同样,如果是我来组织一个纯中文的沙龙,或者读书会、观影会,估计也会受欢迎,因为大家会有比较多的机会输出自己的思想,那些被家长老师忽视了很多年憋了很久的思想。









  1. 手机、翻译机或者翻译笔,用来查单词、翻译、跟读。
  2. 本子和笔,还有水杯。
  3. 自带自热米饭或者其他中餐形式。



















  • 周六: 星沙海伦春天小区27栋1单元101
  • 周日: 岳麓区茶子山路,北京御园二期,善应心理工作室


请将下列信息填写好之后,发给我(微信号 amasia/18163650056):

我的孩子叫张三,想参加这周六/周日的双语营,他10岁,女孩,根据手机上《百词斩》的测算,她的词汇量大约是300。我的联系方式: 微信(),电话()。




[英语沙龙] 🐳 周一到周六,每天一小时学英语、练口语,点评时事,提升作文 – 星沙🐞海伦春天🌸欢迎您

[概要] 用对话输出的方式倒逼学生输入,在交流过程中体验学英语的乐趣,在你问我答中打开写作思路。




长沙 – 星沙区 – 海伦春天小区 27栋101 – 海伦春天英语沙龙。



我罗老师,长沙县金井镇人,48岁,翻译出身,在美国工作七年,2013年回国,现投身于体制外素质教育这个行业 [冬夏令营、乡村骑行、山地穿越、田野调查、师生集体小说写作等]。



  1. 康康,法国人,47岁,一家法国公司驻中国的代表,热心于推广人本主义心理学,以及中国的自由教育。
  2. Nono,28岁,体制外素质教育践行者,覃山书院英语老师。
  3. 大象老师,工程师,英语爱好者。
  4. April: 英语爱好者。



  1. 我们主要面向学生,其次是成年人,英语沙龙的组织形式会更活泼,不是纯粹聊天,开始阶段会有一点挑战和游戏的成分。
  2. 我们是会员制,不是按次收费。
  3. 这里的小区环境也更适合学习,没那么灯红酒绿。



周一到周五 – 每天晚上,六点整点开始,九点结束,每次对话时间为50分钟,每天三场。

  • 初级英语沙龙:
  • 18:00-18:50 (周一到周五)
  • 初级+中级英语沙龙:
  • 19:00-19:50(周一到周五)
  • 中级英语沙龙:
  • 20:00 – 20:50(周一到周五)


  • 上午三场: 9:00 - 12:00[初级英语],
  • 下午三场: 14:00-17:00[中级英语]

周日在岳麓区上午下午各开一场,地点为: …。









  1. 养成主动查单词的习惯,培养主动学习英语的意识。
  2. 打开思路,熟悉当天要讨论的话题,避免直接进入沙龙后一问三不知,啥都不会说,打击大家的自信心。




  1. 用相对轻松容易的方式,让会员开口说英语,给接下来的口语对话做铺垫,增强初级英语学习者的信心。
  2. 进一步熟悉接下来讨论所涉及到的专业词汇。
  3. 让新老会员之间互相认识,活跃气氛。


造句: 针对当日话题,用为什么或者怎么办提三个问题。比如当天的话题如果是美国的枪支的话,那么可以这样造句: 为什么美国人可以拥有枪支而不犯法?




强调: 问题必须用为什么Why 或者怎么办 How 发问,不能太简单。
















: 我家孩子英语基础比较低,能适应这些复杂的程序吗?

答: 学英语不要走捷径,一步一步来,步骤复杂不要紧,一步到位直接练口语才是让孩子望而却步的学习方法。

奖励 – 抽奖 – 免费去美国游学










每次提前公布一周主题,其中新闻点评会占比较多的比重。这种离现实生活和未来紧密连接的话题讨论可以拓展孩子的视野,提高作文成绩。与外国人愉快交流的前提有两个: 流利的英语+独立见解。


体验一次: 40元
月卡: 1400元
半年卡: 4000元(一学期,四个半月)
年卡: 7000元(两学期,九个月)


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我叫张三,给(我自己/孩子)报名参加海伦春天英语沙龙,年龄:,性别(),词汇量估计(),住在(),联系方式: 微信号(),电话()。我想现在购买一张(体验次卡/月卡/半年卡/年卡)。

主要活动地点在: 海伦春天小区。欢迎捧场。