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by Ingrid Lombardo 本文作者如左

  • Visitors and foreign residents can take steps to increase safety during their stay in China. 游客和外国居民在中国逗留期间可以采取措施增加安全。
  • On July 22, it rained in Beijing for 16 hours. 7月22日,北京连续下了16个小时的雨。
  • Inadequate drainage caused flooding, 由于排水设施不足,导致洪水泛滥,
  • which caused 57,000 people to evacuate their homes. 5.7万人被迫撤离家园。
  • Thirty-seven to 300 people, depending on the report, died due to drowning or building collapse. 据报告,这一场洪水,导致37至300人死于溺水或建筑物倒塌。
  • Commentators blamed China’s infrastructure, saying it was either antiquated or built in a hurry in the race to modernization, for the damage and deaths. 评论员指责,中国的基础设施导致了设施破坏和人员死亡,它们要么陈旧过时,要么在跑步进入现代化的过程中仓促建成。
  • Suddenly, safety was on everybody’s minds. 突然间,人人都开始关注起了安全。

CET Academic Programs—a company that sends roughly 650 study abroad students to China every year—thinks a lot about safety in China. CET学术项目——这是一家每年向中国派遣大约650名留学生的公司,他们因此很关注对中国的安全。

Many of the threats to American students in China are the same threats foreign residents and visitors face. 在华的美国学生面临的许多威胁,与在华外国居民和游客面临的威胁是一样的。

In an effort to provide safety tips for tourists and business people in China, CET surveyed staff members who have lived in China for two or more years, some since the 1980s. 为了给中国的游客和商务人士提供安全提示,CET对在中国生活了两年或两年以上的员工进行了调查,其中一些是从20世纪80年代就开始住在中国的。

Everyone agreed that living in China felt relatively safe. 每个人都认为,在中国生活相对安全。

Most interviewees felt that China was safer than the United States in terms of violent crime, 大多数受访者说,就暴力犯罪而言,中国比美国更安全,

but that living in China posed other risks, particularly in terms of food safety, traffic safety, and petty theft. 但生活在中国会带来其他风险,尤其是在食品安全、交通安全和小偷小摸方面。

While most colleagues reported feeling some threats—mostly minor—to health and well-being, 虽然大多数同事都表示,自己感觉到了一些对自己健康和幸福的很小的威胁,

one respondent indicated she had never had a safety issue in one and a half years living in Beijing. 但其中一名受访者表示,她在北京生活了一年半,从未遇到过安全问题。