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美国哀悼40万被新冠病毒多去的生命 [中英对照双语阅读资料] 当选总统拜登领衔

‘To heal, we must remember’: 要治愈,先要记住

Biden leads national mourning 拜登领衔一场全国哀悼活动 of 400,000 Americans killed by COVID-19 纪念被新冠病毒杀死的40万美国人
Joey Garrison 作者
USA TODAY 新闻来源《美国今日》

WASHINGTON 华盛顿 — On the night before his inauguration 就在自己的就职典礼前夜, Joe Biden led a national tribute Tuesday 乔 拜登在星期二这天领衔了一场全国性悼念活动 for the 400,000 Americans killed by the coronavirus 为那40万被新冠病毒杀害的美国人, saying “To heal, we must remember. 他说,要治愈,先要记住”

“It’s hard sometimes to remember 有时候记住很难,” the president-elect said at a COVID-19 memorial 这位当选总统在这个 COVID-19 纪念集会上说,held at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool 这场集会在林肯纪念堂前面的倒影水池旁举行. “But that’s how we heal 但这就是我们治愈的方式. It’s important to do that as a nation作为一个国家,我们需要这样做. That’s why we’re here 所以我们现在都到了这里.”

In a visual memorial for the victims 作为纪念逝者的一部分,人们设计了一个视觉环节, the reflecting pool featured 400 lights illuminating on its north and south sides 在倒影池的南北两侧同时亮起400盏灯, creating a striking image with the rest of the National Mall dark 在整个国家大草坪的暗影背景下,这些灯光射人心魄. It was the first-ever lighting around the pool 这是这个水池旁第一次安装灯.

“Between sundown and dusk 在夕阳与暗夜之间, let us shine the lights in the darkness 让我们在黑暗中点亮灯光,along this sacred pool of reflection 围着这个神圣的倒影池,and remember all who we lost 记住所有我们失去了的生命,” Biden said 拜登说.

Hundreds of other cities and town 全国各地,几百个城镇 took part in the tribute from their locations 都从不同的地点参与了这个纪念活动, according to Biden’s transition team 根据拜登过度团队的说法. Iconic buildings like New York’s’ Empire State Building 一些标志性建筑比如纽约的帝国大厦 and the Space Needle in Seattle 还有西雅图的太空针尖大厦 were also illuminated 也点亮了灯光.

The brief service was kicked off by an invocation from Cardinal Wilton Gregory 这个持续时间不长的活动开场是红衣主教 WILTON GREGORY 的祈祷 , archbishop of Washington 他是华盛顿特区的主教 and capped by music 音乐伴奏是 from gospel singer 福音歌手 Yolanda Adams, who sang “Hallelujah.” 她唱了哈里路亚 Biden, his wife Jill Biden 拜登,他的妻子吉尔 拜登, Vice-President-elect 当选副总统 Kamala Harris 卡玛拉 哈里斯 and her husband Doug Emhoff 和她的丈夫 stood in silent during a moment of silence 在默哀时安静地站立在水池旁.

Biden was preceded 拜登演讲过后 by Lori Marie Key 是萝莉 玛丽 凯, a nurse at the Saint Joseph Mercy Health System in Michigan 她是一名来自密歇根州圣约瑟夫仁慈健康中心的护士, who sang “Amazing Grace.” 她演唱了《奇异恩典》这首圣歌。

“If there are any angels in heaven 如果天堂里有天使, they’re all nurses 他们肯定都是护士,” Biden said to Key 拜登对凯说, recounting what he told the archbishop before the service began 他在仪式开始之前对主教也是这样说的. “We know from our family experience what you do 我们都亲眼见到了你的贡献, the courage 你的勇气 and the pain you absorb for others 还有你从其他人那里带走放到自己肩上的痛苦. So, thank you. Thank you. 所以,谢谢你,谢谢。”

Harris spoke as well 哈里斯也致了辞. “For many months 在过去这些月份里, we have grieved by ourselves 我们都是独自悲伤,” she said 她说. “Tonight 今晚, we grieve and begin healing together 我们一起悲伤,然后一起开始疗愈. Though we may be physically separated 虽然在物理上是分开的, we the American people are united in spirit 但所有美国人在精神上是统一的.”

Biden campaigned on listening to scientists to combat the virus 在竞选期间,拜登号召民众要听科学家的,来对抗病毒 in a departure from President Donald Trump 这点与总统唐纳德 川普不一样. Last week 上周 Biden introduced a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill 拜登向公众介绍了一个1万9千亿美金的新冠病毒救援方案, dubbed the American Rescue Plan 叫做美国救援计划, that he’s asked Congress plan 他已经提交国会批准. He also released a plan that seeks to get 100 million Americans vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine within the first 100 days of his term 他还发布了另外一个计划,要让1亿美国人在他的任期前100天之内,注射新冠病毒疫苗.

Ahead of the memorial service 在悼念活动之前, several families came out to wave to Biden’s motorcade 有几个家庭从家里出来,朝着拜登的摩托车队挥手 as it drove through Washington’s Anacostia neighborhood 当时车队正在经过华盛顿的 ANACOSTIA 小区, before crossing the Anacostia River on the way to the National Mall 在那之后,车队会经过 ANACOSTIA 河,来到国家大草坪.

Biden is set to stay the night at the Blair House 拜登晚上被安排住在 布莱尔宾馆, the official guesthouse of the White House 这是白宫的国宾馆. He will begin his day Wednesday at a Mass service at St. Matthew’s Cathedral 星期三这天,他先要去圣马修大教堂参加一场弥撒,before traveling to the U.S. Capitol 然后前往国会山 for the inauguration ceremony 参加就职典礼.

Biden arrived in Washington by plane with his family Tuesday 拜登是周二与家人一起,乘坐飞机到达的,after previous plans to travel from his hometown of Wilmington, Del. to Washington were scratched 之前的计划是从位于 DEL 州的 WILMINGTON 市家乡前往华盛顿,但这个计划被取消了 because of security concerns 因为出现了安全方面的担忧, the Associated Press reported 据美联社报道.

“This is kind of emotional for me 我现在百感交集,” said Biden 拜登说, choking up at a send-off event before taking the short flight 在登上这个短距离航班之前,他在送行集会上哽咽了. “You’ve been with me my whole career 我的整个职业生涯中,你们一直在我身边, through the good times and the bad 荣辱与共. I want to thank you for everything 我感谢你们,感谢所有.”