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早上好 good morning,同学们 children,

昨天晚上睡得好吗 Did you have a good sleep last night?

今天 today 我们来讲一讲 we are going to talk about 天上的鸟 the birds in the sky。你能告诉我 can you tell me,你认识几种鸟吗 how many bird species you know about?

请描述一下 please describe,描述就是 to describe is 说一说 to talk about 这些鸟长什么样子 what the birds look like,叫声是什么样子的 what their singing is like,什么颜色 what colors 等等 etc.。

好的OK,请问 may I ask,你们知道喜鹊长什么样吗 do you know what magpie look like?

不知道 You don’t know?我们现在就出去找一找它们吧 well, let’s go out and look for them。罗老师知道 Teacher Luo knows 我们学堂附近 near our school 的河堤上 on the river bank 就有一个喜鹊窝 there is a magpie nest。

大家看everybody, look,那长长的一条直直的公路 that long and straight road,就是河堤 is the river bank。

再来看那边 And look at that direction,有一棵大树 there is a big tree,抬头看 look up,树上有一个黑黑的东西 there is something dark,那就是喜鹊的窝 that is the magpie’s nest。


为什么 why 喜鹊要在树上建一个窝呢 would the magpie build a nest in the tree?请你来说说看 can you tell us about your opinion?

为什么鸟儿都有一个窝呢 Why do all birds have nests?

我们到树底下去Let’s go under the tree,走近一些看 get closer。大家猜一猜 Now guess,这个黑乎乎的窝是用什么做成的 what is this dark nest made of?

对了 right,是树枝 they are sticks,里面是空的 it is empty inside,和这个瓶子一样 just like this bottle,里面是空的 empty,喜鹊晚上就在里面睡觉 the magpie sleeps in it at night,喜鹊妈妈 the magpie mom 在里面下蛋 lay eggs in it、孵蛋 hatch。小喜鹊从蛋里面出来之后 Once the baby bird is hatched,因为有了这个窝 because of this nest,就没有那么冷 it won’t be that cold,下雨的时候 when it rains ,也不会把身上淋湿 they won’t get wet all over。淋湿了要感冒的 You get cold when you are wet。

你们知道吗 do you know?在三年前 three years ago,我们这里是没有喜鹊这种鸟的 there were no such bird as magpie in this area。因为 because,以前 before 我们当地的农民 the local peasents 在稻田里撒了很多有毒的农药 used too much poisonous pesticides in the paddy fields,本来是想 their intention was 杀死那些稻田里的害虫的 to kill the pests in the paddy fields,结果 at the end 连同这些可怜的鸟儿都被杀死了 the poor birds were also killed。

你们知道什么是农药吗?Do you know what pesticide is?

我们现在去稻田周围 let’s go around the paddy fields,还有小溪边 and along the creek 找一找 to look,也许 maybe 可以找到这些农药瓶子 we will be able to find the pesticide bottles 和袋子 and bags,找到之后 when we found it,我们把它们烧掉 we will burn them,因为它们会毒死鸟儿 because they will poison the birds,还有土地里的蚯蚓 and the worms in the soil。

来吧 come。

你们看 look,这就是农药袋子 this is a pesticide bag,一个 one,两个 two。。。我们现在把它们烧掉 let’s burn it。

现在 nowadays 人们用农药没那么多 people do not use that much pesticides,所以这些鸟儿又回来了 so the birds returned。

它们为什么要回来呢?why do they return?

你说对了 you are right,因为它们的祖先生活在这里 because their ancestors used to live here,这里是它们的家园 this is their home。

但是 but,因为我们的环境 because our environment 已经被破坏了 has been damaged,现在的喜鹊没有以前那么多 we do not have as many magpies anymore,没有以前那么快乐了 and they do not look as happy as before,它们很害怕 they look scared。

很多其他的鸟儿 many other species of birds 再也没有回来 have never returned。

所以 so,我们以后来自己种一些水稻 why don’t we grow some rice ourselves,里面一点农药都不打 and we won’t spray any pesticides,让这些喜鹊不被毒死 so these magpies will not be poisoned,好不好 shall we?

现在 now,我们就脱掉鞋子 let’s take off our shoes,去稻田里走一走 walk in the paddy field。