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Once on a time 很久以前 there was a Little Old Woman 有一个小个子老太太 who lived in a Shoe 她住在一只鞋子里. This shoe stood 这只鞋矗立在 near a great forest 在一个大森林旁, and was so large 鞋子很大 that it served as a house 他被当作了一栋房子 for the Old Lady and all her children 住着一位老太太,和她所有的孩子, of which she had so many 她有很多孩子 that she did not know what to do with them 多得她都不知道该怎么办. 造句练习:【so large】

Part Two

But the Little Old Woman 但是这个小个子老太太 was very fond of her children 很喜欢她的孩子们, and they only 他们 thought of the best way 想方设法 to please her 让她高兴. Strong-arm 阿壮, the eldest 最大的孩子, cut down trees for firewood 他负责砍树当作柴火. Peter made baskets of wicker-work 彼得负责编织柳条篮子. Mark was chief gardener马克是主要的园丁. Lizzie milked the cow 丽兹负责挤奶, and Jenny taught the younger children to read 詹妮则负责教弟弟妹妹读书识字. 造句练习:【milk a cow】

Part Three

Now this Little Old Woman 其实这个小个子老太太 had not always lived in a Shoe 以前并不是住在鞋子里的. She and her family 她和她的家人 had once dwelt 曾经住在 in a nice house 一栋漂亮房子里 covered with ivy 爬满了常青藤, and her husband was 她的丈夫是 a wood-cutter 一个伐木工, like Strong-arm 就和阿壮一样. But there lived in a huge castle 但是住在一个巨大的城堡里的 beyond the forest 森林另一边, a fierce giant 有一个凶狠的巨人, who one day came 有一天他来了 and laid their house in ruins 毁掉了他们的房子 with his club 用他的棍棒; after which 然后 he carried off the poor wood-cutter 他还把可怜的伐木工 to his castle 带到了他的城堡 beyond the forest 森林另一边的. When the Little Old Woman 当小个子老太太 came home 回到家, her house was in ruins 她的房子已经被毁 and her husband was no where to be seen 她的丈夫也不知道去了哪里.

Part Four

Night came on 夜晚来了, and as the father did not return 因为父亲没有回家, the Old Lady and her family 老太太和家人 went to search for him 去找他. When they came to 当他们来到 that part of the wood 森林里的一个地方 where the Giant had met their father 巨人在那里碰到了他们的父亲, they saw an immense shoe 他们看到了一只巨鞋. They spent a long time weeping 他们在那里哭了很久 and calling out for their father 呼喊着父亲, but met with no reply 但是没人回应.