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早上好 Good morning,小朋友们 my little friends,

谁能告诉我 Can somebody tell me 今天是几月份吗 which month today is?几号呢 and what the date is?

不知道 You don’t know, 是吧do you?为什么 why 不知道 don’t you know?因为 because 你们的爸爸妈妈 your daddies and mommies 知道了 know that,你们还小 you are young,不需要知道 no need to know。计算日子 Counting days 是大人的事情 is the jobs of adults。

但是But 有一些生命很小 some lives are small,它们需要计算日子 they need to count days,一天one day, 两天 two days,三天 three days。。。春天到了 spring is here,夏天到了 summer is here,秋天到了 autumn is here,然后是冬天 and then winter comes。。。

这些小生命 These small lives 是没有爸爸妈妈照顾的 do not have daddies and mommies taking care of them,它们有些 some of them 只能活两个季节 can only live for two seasons,不到一年的时间 shorter than a year。

请大家 Would you please 跟着这些小生命 follow these small lives 一起来数好吗 count the days together?一天 one day,两天 two days,三天 three days。。。春天spring,夏天summer,秋天autumn,冬天winter。。。

蚂蚁ant 就是一条小生命 is a small life,我们现在出去找一找它们好吗 why don’t we go out and look for them?拿上放大镜 grab your magnifying glass,我们走 let’s go!

你找到蚂蚁了吗 have you found any ant?

大家注意 pay attention: 不要在路中间找蚂蚁哦 do not look for ants in the middle of the road,路中间不安全 the middle of road is not safe,到这边来 come over here。

好Great,现在 now 我们都找到蚂蚁了 we all found ants。大家看 look,这只蚂蚁 this ant 有一个脑袋 has one head,两条触须 two tentacles,还有 and one two three four five six,六条腿 six legs。它有 一个嘴巴 it has one mouth。

这里还有一只蚂蚁 there is another ant over here,你看 look,它们好想互相认识 they seem to know each other。两只蚂蚁 two ants 凑到一起 get together,就是两个脑袋 that is two heads,它们一共有四条触须 altogether they have four tentacles。这就是触须 this is called tentacle,看到了没有 do you see it?

这里 here。

两只蚂蚁一共有多少条腿呢 how many leges do two ants have together?你来为我们大家数一数好不好 would you count it for us?

我来数一数 I will count it,两只蚂蚁 two ants 总共有 altogether have 一二三四五六七八九十,十一,十二,总共12条腿 altogether twelve legs。

那我再问问你们几个孩子 let me ask you another question。

你们猜 guess,它们一般可以活多少天 how many days do you think they can live for?

这个问题很难 this is a tough question,不知道是吧 you don’t know, do you?

不知道的话So if you don’t know,我们怎样才能知道呢 how would you know?

回答很好 Good,你有什么补充吗 what else do you have to say?

回答得很对 Good job。

除了问老师 other than asking your teacher,问爸爸 ask daddy,问妈妈 ask mommy,之外 besides these,我们还要掌握更多的方法 we need to find more solutions,比如 for example, 到书本里面去找答案。

请问 may I ask,你家里有和蚂蚁有关的书本吗 do you have any book that introduces ants?

你家里呢 how about your home?

好 good,我们这里是山水学堂 we are at inMountains Home School,很遗憾 unfortunately,山水学堂 inMountains Home School 暂时还没有和蚂蚁有关的书 do not have books that are related to ants,但是 but 没有关系 that doesn’t matter,除了查书 besides looking in books,我们还可以用 we can also use 电脑 computers、手机 cell phones、平板 tablets 来找答案 to look for answers。

请问你会用电脑吗 do you know how to use computer?

你呢 how about you?

你听说过百度吗 have you heard of Baidu?

你呢 how about you?

我们现在尝试 let’s try,在罗老师的手机上 on my cell phone,用百度这个手机应用 using Baidu, an app,来查答案 to look for answers,大家看我操作我的手机 watch how I operate my phone,看看百度为什么知道这么多答案 and see why Baidu holds so many answers。

答案出来了 The answer came out:

蚂蚁的寿命 The lifespan of ants 有很大的差异 varies ,一般 normally 蚁群中的蚁后 the queen ant 可以活十年左右 may live up to ten years,而工蚁的平均寿命 while the average lifespan of worker ants 是几年左右 are a few years。

现在我们知道了 now we know,蚂蚁一般可以活几年 ants typically live for a few years,比如 say 五年 five years。大家跟着我 everybody follows me 用手指头算一下 use your fingers to count:一天、两天、三天、四天、五天、六天、七天、八天、九天、十天。。。

我们抬头看天 let’s look up to the sky。

春天来了 spring comes,春天又走了 and spring goes,

夏天来了 summer comes,夏天又走了 and summer goes,

然后是秋天 and then the Fall,秋天走了之后 after the Fall leaves,是冬天 we have the winter,

到冬天 in winter,有些小生命 some small lives,就死了 are dead,冻死了 they are frozen to death。

这只蚂蚁会不会在冬天冻死呢 will this ant freeze to death in winter?

你来回答一下 You tell us。

不知道是吧You don’t know, do you?不知道的话 If you don’t know,我们去哪里找答案呢 where do you find the answers?

对了Right,刚才说了 we said,不知道 if you don’t know something, 就去书本上找 you look for answers in books,但是 but 现在我们在草地上 we are on the lawn right now,这里没有书本 there is no books here,怎么办 now what?

对了right,我们在手机上找 we look for them on the phone,我们有百度 we get Baidu。

来 gather around,我们再试一试why don’t we try again, 在百度上找答案好不好 look for answers on Baidu, shall we?

你想不想试一试 would you like to try,来操作一下百度 to operate Baidu?

好 all right,我们找到答案了 we have the answer。

我们一起和这只蚂蚁拍一张照片好不好 Shall we take a photo together with this ant?