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(深秋季节的一个大晴天,有一个蚂蚁家族在温暖的阳光下忙碌着)One bright day 一个大晴天 in late autumn 深秋季节 a family of Ants 有一个蚂蚁家族 were bustling about 在忙碌着 in the warm sunshine 在温暖的阳光里,
(他们在晒干夏天所收藏的谷物)drying out the grain 晒干谷物 they had stored up 他们收藏 during the summer 在夏天,
when a starving 这时候一只饥饿的 Grasshopper 草蜢, his fiddle 他的小提琴 under his arm 在他的胳膊下, came up 上前来 and humbly begged 谦虚地祈求 for a bite to eat 赏一口饭吃.

“What 什么!” cried the Ants 蚂蚁们大叫 in surprise 吃惊地, “haven’t you stored anything away 你还没有储存任何东西 for the winter 为冬天(意思是你还没有为过冬储存任何食物吗)? What in the world 到底是什么 were you doing 你在做 all last summer 整个夏天(意思是,你整个夏天都在干啥)?”

“I didn’t have time 我没有时间 to store up 来储存 any food 任何食物,” whined the Grasshopper 草蜢哭诉道; “I was so busy 我那时候太忙了 making music 要演奏音乐 that 以至于 before I knew it 不知不觉之间 the summer 夏天 was gone 已经走了.”

The Ants 蚂蚁们 shrugged their shoulders 耸了耸肩 in disgust 很厌恶地.

“Making music 演奏音乐, were you 是吗?” they cried 他们喊道. “Very well 那好吧; now dance 现在接着跳舞吧!” And they turned their backs 然后他们转身将后背on the Grasshopper 朝着草蜢 and went on 继续 with their work 做自己的去了.

There’s a time for work 有时候要工作 and a time for play 有时候可以玩(意思是,不能光知道玩,不知道工作).