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学习如何堆肥 compost,如何制作一个蚯蚓之家 a worm farm,了解土壤【双语课程】3

同学们 my students,早上好 good morning,

今天 today 我们学堂的活动主题 the topic of our activity in our home school 是土地 is land,我想请 I would like to invite【】同学 () 和我们分享一下 share your opinion with us,什么是土地 what land is?

你能告诉我,can you tell me 为什么 why 土地 land 这么重要 is so important?

我再请问 I have another question,土地有生命吗 is land alive?你觉得 do you think 土地会呼吸吗 land breathes?就和我们人一样 just like us humans?

但是为什么 but why 一定要看到肚皮在起伏呢 do you have to see up and down of the belly? 植物也会呼吸 plants also breathe,它们就没有肚皮起伏 they do not have a belly, which has ups and downs。

那么今天 so today 我们要做一件什么事呢 what are we going to do?我们来养蚯蚓 we grow earth worms。

【】,你给我们说一说 can you tell us,蚯蚓是什么样子的 what do earthworms look like?

养蚯蚓 growing earthworms 不是为了钓鱼 is not for fishing,也不是去喂鸡 it is not for feeding chickens either,而是来观察一下 it helps us to observe,健康的土地是什么样子的 what healthy land is like。我们来思考一下 we will think,蚯蚓和健康的土地之间是什么关系 what kind of relationship is betwee earthworm and healthy land。

大家跟我来工具房 follow me to the tools room,带上你的 bring your 铲子 shovers、桶子 buckets、刀子 knives 、手套 gloves,大家去海棠苑里面 and we will go to the garden of caval vine。

老师先来解释一下 Let me explain,堆肥是什么意思 what compost is。堆肥 compost。

肥 ,就是肥料 Fei means fertilizers,是植物所需要的营养物质 they are nutritions that plants need,有两种肥料 there are two kinds of fertilizers,一种是工厂里面生产的化肥 one is the chemical fertilizer that is produced in factories,就是化学肥料 they are chemcal,还有一种是有机肥料 there is another kind which is organic fertilizer,主要是腐烂的植物和动物的粪便 mainly decaing plants and animal manue,今天 today 我们不需要 we do not need 动物的粪便 animal manue,只用植物的树枝树叶 only use plants’ branches and leaves 来做肥料 to make fertilizer。

蚯蚓 earthworms 和虫子 and bugs,还有微生物 and also microbes,将这些树枝树叶吃下去 eat these branches and leaves,排出来的粪便 their excrement,就是地上的植物最好的食物 is the best food for plants growing on land。是的 yes,植物喜欢吃动物的粪便 plants like to eat animal poop。

大家现在去捡树枝树叶 now please spread, and collect some branches/leaves,装在桶子里 put them in your buckets,然后倒在这里 and then throw them here,我们的蚯蚓之家就设在这个地方 our worm farm will be built right here。

为什么这里比较好呢 why is this spot good?因为这里比旁边要高一些 because it is a little higher than the surrounding area,下雨的时候 when it rains, 蚯蚓就不会被淹死 earthworms will not drown。

我们现在用铲子now use your shovel,把旁边的泥土扒过来 gather some top soil around here,堆在这些枯枝树叶上 on top of the decaying branches and leaves,这样风就不会把树叶吹走 so they will not be blown away。而且 And also, 蚯蚓来吃树叶的时候 when earthworms come to eat the leaves,就会暖和一些 it will be warmer,因为上面有泥巴盖着 because there is soil covered the food。

请大家伸出手 please show your hand,摸一摸这些泥巴 touch the soil,是不是太干燥了 isn’t it too dry?对了 right,请【】同学拿起你的桶子 (), please take your bucket,去那边提点水来 get some water from over there。

现在我们要插上标签 now we need to label it,上面 on it 写着 it will be written 我们都有谁 who we are,今天的日期 today’s date 等等 etc.,为什么 why 要这样做呢 are we doing this?因为 because 过一段时间 after a period of time 我们 we 或者其他人 or others 来看这堆肥时 come to check the compost,我们需要知道 we will need to know 从今天开始 from today,过了多少天 how many days have past,等到这些枯枝树叶 when all the decaying branches and leaves 都被蚯蚓和微生物吃光之后 have been eaten up by the worms and microbes,变成了土壤的一部分 and become part of the soil,我们需要知道 we will need to know 总共过了多少天 how many days have past in total,下次 next time 再堆肥的时候 when we make compost again 我们就有经验了 we will have some idea。

堆肥 compost 是有机种植和生态环境保护的关键一环 is a key element of organic farming and environment protection,也是减少城市垃圾的重要手段 it is also an important solution of reducing urban gabage。

大家回家后 when we return home,可以用厨余垃圾在阳台上 you may use the kitchen gabage, in your balcony,或者院子里 or in your yard, 自己尝试堆肥 try to make compost yourself,肥沃的土壤 fertile soil 可以用 may be used 来种菜 to plant vegetables、养花 and flowers。

[生态] 介绍一种能够将厨余果皮在一天之内变成肥料的新产品






制作【微型山林】生态瓶 【双语课程】2

大家好 hello everybody,今天上午 this morning 我们的活动 our activity 是 is 制作 to make 第二个 the second 生态瓶 eco-bottle。昨天 yesterday 我们做了 we made 一个瓶子里的水世界 a water world in a bottle,今天做什么世界呢 what are we doing today?

今天 today,我们 we 做 一个微型山林 make  a  mini mountain,一个苔藓世界  a moss world。【】,请问 may I ask,你知道 do you know 苔藓是什么吗 what moss is?

那请你 would you pease 描述一下  describe it,告诉其他人 and tell others,你见到的苔藓是什么样子的 what does moss look like?什么颜色 what color?多高 how tall?

太棒了 Great,现在 now,我们每个人 everyone 带一个瓶子 brings a bottle,去找苔藓吧 and go looking for moss。【】是今天的轮值班长 is today’s captain on duty,请你负责 please be responsible 检查 for checking 大家是否带齐了 if everyone of us has everything needed: 瓶子 bottle、放大镜 magnifying glass、镊子 tweezers、小铲子 shovers,用一个袋子装好 put them in a bag,另外 and,大孩子 big boys and girls 可以带 may bring 平板 a tablet 或者手机 or a phone、照相机 camera,请班长还检查 I would also like the chaptain to check,大家是否 whether everybody 都换好了鞋子 has put on the right shoes,五分钟后 in five minutes 到大门口集合 go outside the gate, and wait。

大家看 everybody take a look at 自己的电话手表 your watch,现在是【】点【】分 it is [] past [],开始计时 timing begins,快去准备 now go and prepare yourself。

班长,大家都好了吗 captain, are we all ready?我们出发 let’s move。

【】,请问 may I ask,你知道 do you know 我们学堂叫什么名字吗 what name our home school is?

不记得了 don’t remember,是吗 do you?我来提醒你 let me remind you,我们学堂叫山水学堂 our home school is called inMontains Home School,苔藓就生长在山水之间 and the mosses grow in mountains。

今天上午 this morning,除了苔藓 besides the mosses,我们还可以 we may also 找一些强悍的小草 look for some tough grasses 种到瓶子里去 and plant them in your bottles,看看它们会不会生长很多年 see if they will grow for many years。

对了 something else,当身边的同学 when your classmates 在收集苔藓和小草时 are collecting mosses and grasses,记得 remember 给ta用平板拍照 to take a photo of him or her, using your tablet。

苔藓世界需要一些什么组成呢 what consists of a moss world?泥沙 sand、小石子 gravel、容易成活、几种不同的苔藓 some hardy mosses of different kinds,还可以加上 and add 矮小的不需要很多阳光的小草 some grasses that are short and don’t need a lot of sunshine,把它们封闭起来 seal them up,让其自行成长 let them grow by themselves。这个苔藓世界里 in this moss world,除了刚才说到的那些 in addition to what just mentioned,还会有 there will be also 空气 air、水 water、微生物 microbes,可能 maybe 还有 also 很小的虫子 tiny bugs。它们被隔绝在瓶子里 they are totally seperated in bottles,只有阳光可以进去 only sunshine gets in,最终的样子 the eventual looks 可能 might 会出乎意料 surprise us。

【】,你害怕虫子吗 are you afraid of bugs?为什么 why?

【】,你刚才说 you just said 自己不害怕虫子 you are not afraid of bugs,那么请 then please 分享一下 share your experience,如何才能不怕虫子呢 how not to be scared of bugs?

【】,你听说过火星吗 have you heard of the Mars?

好的 good,你想长大以后 when you grow up,成为最早移民到火星上的探险者吗 would you try to become an explorer on Mars, one of the first?

【】,你觉得 do you think,我们的火星移民 our Mars immigrants,可以在火星上制作一些这样的苔藓世界吗 may make some moss worlds like this, on Mars?有什么好处 what benefits would that bring?

要是将来 if in the future, 等你们长大了 when you grow up,联合国 the United Nations 鼓励 encourage 外星世界殖民 colonizing  alien worlds,你会报名参与吗 would you sign up?你觉得  in your opinion,具有什么素质的人 what kind of people,会成为 will become 人类第一批外星移民呢 the first batch of alien world immigrants among humans?

制作【微型水世界】生态瓶 【双语课程】1

同学们,上午好,Good morning my dear students. 今天 today 我们的活动 our activity 是制作一个生态瓶 is to make a eco-bottle,也可以叫做 we may also call it – 瓶子里的水世界 the water world in a bottle。

请问【】同学 student (),你知道 do you know 生态 eco 是什么意思吗 means what?

回答得很不错 that is a very ood answer,我们现在开始来制作 now let’s bgin the process。

首先 firstly,我们去找一个瓶子 let’s look for a bottle,玻璃瓶 glass bottle,或者塑料 饮料瓶 or plastic juice bottle,或者 or 是我们装食用油的瓶子 our cooking oil bottle ,都可以 all good。


【】,你找到了几条小虾米 how many little shrimps did you find?不错 good job,【】你呢 how about you ()?要不要我来帮忙 do you need my help?

好了 ok, we are doing good,我们再找一些小石头 let’s look for some pebbles,找几根枯树枝 look for a few dry branches 为素材 as matrials,我们用小溪里的水 let us use the water in the stream 把各自的瓶子灌满 to get our bottles filled,再把石头 then put the pebbles、树枝 branches、水草 marshy weeds 和小鱼虾 and the little fish and shrimps 放进去 inside。

现在 now 我们有了 we have 一个微型水系统 a micro water system:富含微生物的水 water with abudant microbes、小虾 little shrimps、水草 weeds、沙石 sands and pebbles,现在 now 我们盖上盖子 we cover the lids,用电胶带 using insulating tape 封闭在这个大玻璃瓶中 seal it in this large glass bottle,空气和水都隔绝在瓶子里 both air and water are isolated in the bottle,只有阳光 only sunshine 可以进去 gets in,里面 inside 成了一个基本上是独立的微型世界 it becomes a basically independent micro-world,大家想一想 everybody, take a moment to think,里面的小鱼虾能够活多久 how long will fish and shrimps survive inside it?里面的水草会一直活下去吗 will the marshy weeds live forever?还有 in addition,这个小世界里 in this small world, 还有很多很多看不见的微生物 there are many many invisible microbes,大家想一想 everybody,这些微生物会长满整个瓶子吗 will these microbes spread the entire bottles?

【】,说说你的看法 tell me about your opinion,下个月 next month,也就是30天后 I mean after 30 days,这个瓶子会是什么样子 what will this bottle look like?

为什么 why?请说出你的理由 please tell me your reasons。

你觉得这些水草现在害怕吗 do you think these weeds are scared at this moment,【】?还有这几只小虾子 and these shrimps,你觉得 do you think 它们幸运 they are lucky 还是倒霉 or have bad luck?

男孩女孩们 boys and girls,现在我们回学堂 ,好不好 shall we return to our home school?