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All right, boys and girls, today our project 今天我们的项目 is to make something called aquaponics. 【这节课是针对有一定英语基础的小学生和初中生的,英语在前,汉语在后,并且少数简单的短语句子就不翻译了。】

Aquaponics means a system that fish and vegetables grow together / Aquaponics 的意思是鱼菜共生系统 ,what does that mean 什么意思 ?that means, 就是说,we are about to design a system 我们要设计一个系统,allowing them to live in it 让他们都生活在一起,plants and animals help each other 植物和动物互相帮助。

Why are we making this system 为什么要做这个系统?this will allow us to just feed the chicken 这样我们只要负责养鸡,no need to feed fish, or water the vegetables 不需要给鱼喂食,或者浇菜了,it will save Grandma Jin a lot of gardening time and energy 可以节省金奶奶很多种菜的时间精力,above all, we will have delicious fish and fresh eggs in our bowls 还可以随时可以吃到好吃的鱼。and 还有,vegetables growing this way 这样种出来的蔬菜 do not have pests most of time 不容易长虫子,they taste better than the ones we buy in the market 味道也比市场上买的菜更好,because 因为,these vegetables fed with fish poop 这些吃鱼的粪便长大的菜 are healthier than those fed with chemical fertilizers 比化肥催生出来的蔬菜更健康。

We will make this aquaponics in the backyard 我们就在后院里做这个鱼菜共生系统,this way we will maintain it conveniently 这样大家可以比较方便地打理它,easy t observe it 观察它,and it is close to the kitchen 而且离厨房很近。

We will need a large plastic barrel 我们需要一个大塑料桶,which we see mostly on construction sites 建筑工地上常用的,normally less than a hundred Yuan each 几十块钱一个。we will need a small pump 需要一个小水泵,which lift is about 1.5m 扬程在1米5左右的,we have tubes in our school 软塑料管我们学堂里有,

A small size steel cutter 一个能够切割钢铁的小型切割机,multi-purpose angle iron of five meters 五米长的万能角钢,this is one 这就是,

A large plastic basin 一个大的塑料盆,which we used to use for laundry 以前洗衣服用的那种,and a strong chicken cage which we can get online 还有一个网购的结实的金属鸡笼。

Today 今天 we just design, and do the shopping 我们只负责设计和采购相关的材料,next time 下一次,when the materials are all ready 材料准备齐全之后,we will begin to make it 我们再动手制作。

This aquaponics system 这个鱼菜共生系统 may be understood 可以理解 as a vertical mini farm 为一个小型立体化种养系统:the upper level is for growing vegetables 上层种蔬菜,no soil 不用泥土,only gravel 只用小石子(to avoid pests spreading 杜绝害虫繁殖);the 2nd level is to house one or two chickens 第二层养一只或者两只鸡;the lower level is the large plastic barrel 最底下是一个大塑料桶,to grow fish and shrimp 养鱼虾;

We use angle irons to support all three levels of spaces 我们用万能角钢将这三层空间支撑起来。

In the future 以后,everyday 每天 we just feed the chickens with corn and left over foods 只要用玉米和剩饭剩菜喂鸡就可以了,chicken manue can feed the fish when it falls down 鸡粪掉下去可以养鱼;the small pump will move wastewater in the barrel up to the top level to irrigate the vegetables 鱼池里的小水泵会将塑料桶里的水不断抽到顶上浇灌蔬菜,the wastewater is filtered through the gravels 脏水经过小石子的过滤 and the absorbtion of the vegetable shoots 和碎石里的蚯蚓以及微生物的处理,it becomes clean 变得干净、full of oxygen富含氧气,and flows back to the fish tank 又流到鱼池。

After doing that 做好以后,we will need to label it 我们要贴上标签、mark the members for the project 标注好参与这个项目的学堂成员,everyday 每天, from the same angle 在同一个角度, at the same location 同一个地点, we take a picture of it 拍一张照片,later 以后 they may become a nice scietific video 可以制作成一个不错的视频,it will be very convincing material when you apply for a good foreign college 申请国外的大学时会是很好的材料。

This type of system 这样的系统 is a window to basic principles of modern agriculture 是现代农业的一个基本原理展示,later 以后 we will make larger scale 我们会做更大规模的,aquaponics in a green house 在温室里做的鱼菜共生系统,we basically will never need to shop for vegetables anymore. 以后基本上不再需要买菜。